Dodgeball Winnipeg is adding a 1v1 ranked competitive division Tuesday nights. This will be a ranked competitive division with players playing games each week against players up to 2 ranks above or below them (based on who is present that night).

Format: Each night players will need to arrive before 6:45 pm, to register that they are coming that evening, and games will begin at 7:00 pm at Dakota Fieldhouse on Tuesday nights. Players will be assigned matches after the registration period is completed, and the matches will be made based on rankings (up to 2 ranks above or below their rank, based on who is present). We will guarantee a minimum of 2 games per player that arrives on time, but will fit in more if time allows. Players arriving 7:00 pm – 7:30 pm will be guaranteed one match. Players arriving after 7:30pm will not be guaranteed any matches.

Matches will be played with blocking, best of 5 points. Each player will start with 1 ball in hand and there will be 1 ball on the center line.

If a match reaches the 5th point or the time limit* it will be finished in sudden death. A victory will be worth 3 points, a sudden death victory will be worth 2 points, and a sudden death loss will be worth 1 point. *Time limit will be determined based on the number of people in attendance for the evening.

Pricing: This season will be run as a trial for the 1v1 format to determine any unforeseen issues and to find what players like best. The cost for this format based on the space used should be closer to $99 per player (since the cost is not being spread out across a whole team), but for this trial season we will be selling the first 24 spots for only $64.95/player or until early bird pricing ends March 24th, whichever comes first. After March 24th, or once the first 24 spots are sold, any remaining spots will be sold at $75/player. We will accept a maximum of 32 players in the 1v1 division.

Feedback and influence on future seasons: All players who played in the first season will be polled for detailed feedback on what they liked, what they would have preferred, and suggestions for future seasons. This feedback will be used to directly influence the future of the format in upcoming seasons.

April 21st (Week 1) we will be getting Initial rankings by playing a round robin played best of 3 with sudden death, wall ball (no blocking) on April 21st. Your placement in the round robin will also be used to break ties in ranking during the season. We will complete as many rounds of round robin as possible in 3 hours.

April 28th (Week 2) we will be playing with a single court with nets (open court).

May 5th (Week 3) we will be playing wall ball with multiple courts in order to get more games in.

We will poll all players after week 3 to see if they prefer playing more games (with walls), or less games (with nets). The remainder of the season will be played based on the format the players decide upon.

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