Choose your level

To register for recreational play (Bronze, Silver) please click here.

To register for competitive play (Gold, Platinum, Men’s, Women’s, or Draft) please click here.

Registration for Fall 2021 ends September 9th at 11:59pm.



Q: Which level should my team pick?

A: If you want to go out and try your hardest, choose competitive. Select Platinum if you believe your team is top-level, or gold if your team is not.

If you want to go out and just play for fun/not take it too seriously, choose recreational. Choose Bronze if your team is full of beginners, or choose Silver if your team has some athletic background/experience playing dodgeball.

Q: Which level should I pick as an individual?

A: If you are an athlete with lots of dodgeball experience or lots of experience in other sports at the competitive level, try our draft league (under competitive). If you are just starting out, Draft League is not a good idea – we’d recommend going to Facebook and making post in the group “Winnipeg Dodgeball Community“.