Draft Refund

Given that we were not able to run as much of the draft season as we had hoped, we would like to try again when things open back up.

We are willing and able to provide refunds for the games we were unable to run to all players who registered for draft, but we would like to do something special for everyone:

You can take a refund in the form of payment received, or you can receive full entrance into the next draft season.

If you choose the latter option, you will receive a store credit that will allow you to sign up for the next draft season completely free! That means the 4 games you played this season were essentially free of charge. This will also help us keep some cash in the bank to cover basic business expenses while we wait for vaccine distribution and sports to become legal and safe once again.

It is our hope that anyone who can afford to not take a cash refund will choose to take the credit for the next draft season – we would love to have this exact same group of players and to do another season with such a dedicated group of community players. Thank you!

Original Payment Method*
Refund method*