First team roster

Please read the following 7 rules regarding spares. It is not much reading, and not knowing these rules may cost you a game. The form is at the bottom of the page.

Team League spares policy (what you need to know for game-time):

  1. During regular season play, if your team wishes to bring players not on your roster you must contact the opposing captain for approval of up to 2 spares. 24 hours notice is ideal, so the opposing captain has time to reply. You must contact the captain at least two hours before the game and provide proof to the league ( that you did so or your team will forfeit whether or not the opposing captain agrees to your subs.
  2. If a player is injured less than 2 hours before the game starts, or during a game and you would play short, you may bring in a replacement with the permission of the opposing captain. If the player was injured more than 2 hours before the start time this rule does not apply.
  3. If a team wishes to play with more than 2 players that are not on their roster and the opposing captain agrees the game will be played and the score will be recorded but it will still count as a win for the opposing team.
  4. During semi-finals and for the championship match only players that are on the current roster and have attended 3 season games for their team may play.

The referee is not required to inform you that your spares may cause you to forfeit as they do not have access to the league’s e-mail!

What you need to know outside of game-time:

  1. If you win your division, all players that attended at least 3 games will win the appropriate medal (Gold for a gold division, silver for a silver division, and bronze for a bronze division).
  2. A player may NOT register to be on the roster for more than one team in any given division. (Ex: you could sign up to play in Sunday silver and Sunday gold and Monday silver no problem, but you could not sign up on two Sunday gold or two Monday silver teams)
  3. If an opposing captain denies your requested spares you are not allowed to argue their decision, find someone else! If they deny your second request for spares, please contact and we will mediate the situation. If a captain is found to be belligerent or rude during this process, please send a copy of the conversation to and the offending team will receive a penalty which, depending on the severity of the offense, will be a forfeit.

Are these your players’ actual names, or the name they have on facebook?

We will not accept fake facebook names. The names of your players must be accurate as we need to submit them to our insurance provider.

Submit your roster here:

Do not use a different team name from what you submitted on your registration from. You cannot use this form to change your team name.

The contact information you provide will be shared with the other captains on the night you play, and you will receive their contact information. This information is for approving spares only. Any misuse of this information can and will lead to a permanent lifetime ban from the league.