Dodgeball Winnipeg purchases insurance through our National and Provincial-level sports organizing bodies. Respectively these are Dodgeball Canada and Dodgeball Manitoba.

For this reason, all players who sign up in Dodgeball Winnipeg are recorded as “rec members” of these two organizations. The names are recorded and submitted for insurance reasons, and nothing more.

Contact and personal information is not shared. Your name is simply recorded as a “rec member”, and you are then covered by Dodgeball Canada’s nationwide insurance policy. This policy also protects the venues we book, and the group buying rate reduces costs so we can help keep your registration fees from going up needlessly. Rec members currently do not receive any benefits beyond being covered by the insurance policy.

Rec membership numbers are used to demonstrate the number of players in our province, and to make sure that Winnipeg and Manitoba’s interests are represented properly when these non-profit organizations are making decisions about the sport and allocating resources to different communities. Winnipeg is one of, if not the, largest Dodgeball Community in the country and by reporting the number of people playing we are able to make sure we are recognized properly when the organizing bodies apply for government recognition.

Again, we are not sharing any personal information about you, we are simply buying insurance to make sure that you, the venues, and all relevant items are covered by insurance.