Let’s Settle This

While we would prefer it to be the captains who play the 1v1 match, we understand that the captain may not be available, may be ill/exposed to covid, or injured. We would ask that, if that is the case, another player from the team who is available, healthy, and qualified for playoffs (3+ rostered games attended) attend in their stead.

Each captain (or substitute player) may bring up to 2 ball retrievers as they will be playing open court.

The format will be as follows:

Best of 3 sudden death (start with three balls per side) then Best of 3 with blocking (1 ball per side, 1 in the center), then in the event of a tie the higher seeded team will choose sudden death or with blocking for the final tie-breaker round which will be Best of 1. Each Bo3 won will be considered a point. So if you win the Sudden death 2-1 then lose blocking 0-2, that is still considered a tie and will go to the tie-breaker round.