Register for Competitive Thursdays


We have removed the gold division on Thursday nights and replaced it with competitive formats. The cost is $595 for the whole team.

For teams who do not wish to participate in competitive play, Bronze and Silver games will still be available Thursday nights as normal through our regular registration page, and will be played with walls as normal at East Elmwood Community Center or Sinclair Park Community Centre. We will not be able to accommodate schedule conflicts between Bronze/Silver games and the competitive divisions.

Women’s division will be done via individual registrations. You can register for women’s division here.

We will be using as pure a version of the WDBF rulebook as possible with as few house rules as we can manage. This will give teams the ability to play in the style they can expect to see when playing competitively in tournaments and abroad.

Explanation of the divisions:

The divisions will be as follows, and we will do our best to minimize any schedule conflicts between Men’s/Women’s and Mixed Competitive when writing the schedule for the season, so players can play in both the gendered and the mixed divisions with little concern about schedules conflicting.

Men’s competitive: Teams are registered by the captain, just like in our regular team league. Female players are not permitted in this division. If you do not have a team you can register as an individual.

Women’s division will have players register individually. Any person not identifying as female is not permitted in this division. You can register for women’s division here.

Mixed competitive: Teams are registered by the captain just like in our regular team league. Gender minimums are the same as in regular team league. 2 spots on the court are designated for female players, and you are required to have at least 1 woman present (of the 4 player minimum) to start a game.

Mixed intermediate: *will not be offered this season due to low registration numbers. Should we get space at a facility like Dakota Fieldhouse, we will bring back Mixed Intermediate.

Please make sure you are committed to the season before you register, as we do not offer refunds for most products and services we offer. You can read our refund policy for more details.

Registration form:

Registration is closed for Winter 2019. This is where the form will be when it opens for next season.