Pandemic Level

With the recent news of Winnipeg’s pandemic warning level raising to “orange”, also known as “code orange”, the Manitoba government has announced public gatherings are restricted to 10 people, masks are mandatory in indoor spaces, and it would last for at least 4 weeks. Immediately following this announcement we had two of the gyms cancel the space on us for the duration of the code orange, as that was understood to be part of the restrictions. We immediately announced that games would be postponed until such time as we can run them safely and legally again.

Later today (September 25th) the government clarified that sporting activities will be permitted in accordance with the facility capacity limits, and masks will not be required while competing, essentially meaning that this restriction will not affect sports and they can continue to operate as normal. In response, we now face the very real possibility of being unable to cancel the space at the other two gyms, which are also unfortunately the most expensive ones we rent.

While we find this messaging from the government confusing and contradictory, we have already announced that we would postpone games for the duration of the “code orange”, in order to do our part in preventing spread of the virus. We understand that people’s risk tolerance may be different today than it was when they signed up to play. We want to do what’s best for our community, and we want to know how you feel about when and how we return to play. We also face the very distinct possibility that, if we end up cancelling the season entirely, we may not be able to be refunded for some/all of the gym space that was booked.

Please fill out this form to let us know how your team feels about the situation, and your preferred outcomes.

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