Thursday format

Just a reminder to all Thursday Gold players in case your captain did not share the e-mail they were sent at the beginning of the season with the format.

Because we have 7 teams and a 10-week season, this is what is happening:

Each team will play 6 season games over the first 7 weeks (you will get one by-week where you do not play)

On week 8 team 1 will play team 3, team 2 will play team 4, team 5 will play team 7 and team 6 will play team 7 (based on rank)

On week 9 you will play semi-finals (1v4, 2v3, 5v7, 5v6)

On week 10 you will play finals (winner v winner, loser v loser, 5v6 and 6v7)

We will be adding an 11th week after the championship is completed. These games will be for fun, and the last-place Thursday gold team will face the first-place Thursday silver team.

This way each team competing in the playoffs will have completed an even number of games and you will still get at least the 10 games you signed up for. Some teams will get 11 games!