Draft League

What is a draft league?

Outside of our regular team leagues, Dodgeball Winnipeg is proud to offer a draft division. Draft is a competitive division: Competitive: This is the highest level of play in the city. This is ideal for players with the expectations of going toe-to-toe against the best players in the city. Played in the “Open court” format. Draft can serve as a good introductory into the competitive side of the sport for individuals interested.

Everyone registers as an individual, and teams will be created from the available pool of players. At the end of the season all teams are dissolved. The top ranked players will become team captains and get the opportunity to draft their new teams for the next season. *Note* If the Captain of the team that wins the championship would not have been a captain based on rank, they will get to keep their captaincy for the following season.

Teams will keep track of their individual stats (hits and catches). Players are encouraged to wear clothing that easily identifies them so the players on the bench can easily tell who they are when recording their stats. Teams will be provided a stats sheet with each player’s name and a place to tally hits and catches for each one. Draft league is generally considered an intermediate/competitive division with players of varying skill levels.

The games will each be officiated by a referee, who will keep the game flowing smoothly. Players are required to abide by the ref’s decisions, in order to keep the games going quickly. Arguing with the ref is not permitted, and players displaying a poor attitude, caught intentionally cheating, or starting arguments will be issued the appropriate yellow or red card. Players consistently displaying poor sportsmanship, or bringing drugs/alcohol into the premises may also be ejected from the game and/or the league. We are here to have fun, let’s keep it that way!