Month: August 2018

Check your email!

Draft League:

Due to the extremely short turnaround time between seasons this year, players that wish to be considered for draft captaincy will need to be registered and paid for by 11:59pm September 10th so we can start arranging a draft date. All current participants have been notified via email.

Women’s division:

A survey on how teams are to be divided for next season has been emailed to all the current participants for women’s division. This is time sensitive so please respond within 7 days and encourage your fellow teammates to do the same.

Team League:

We have received registration forms from some teams that have not had payment submitted. These teams do not have their spots reserved until they submit payment. Instructions will be in your email!

*If you are not receiving emails from us, please add and to your contact list/safe senders list. Even better, add the entire domain to your safe senders list!

Thank you!

Open-court playoff schedules are up!

Thursday night open-court playoff schedules are up! To check your team’s attendance, simply click on the event and a link to attendance lists for each team will be in the game description. Captains have been notified they have until Tuesday at 5:00pm to challenge the attendance. A signed attendance sheet will be taken as correct in the case of a discrepancy. If the sheet is not signed, what is entered into the website will be taken as correct.

Thanks again for making open-court so successful this summer, we look forward to seeing everyone back in Fall!


Registration is open!

Registration is now open! We had someone ask a very good question about Thursdays that we would like to answer.

Q: Since competitive divisions will be wall-ball, what is the difference between Mixed Intermediate and Silver on Thursday nights?
A: Silver will be played as normal with all house rules (including 1v1 sudden death, no revivals in sudden death, no timeouts, if time ends in the middle of a round the game is over, etc) and will have an emphasis on fun over competition. Silver division on Thursday nights will also have a very distinct possibility to be held at a different facility from the competitive games, so if you are playing on a competitive team expect to travel to a different location if you also are playing in Bronze or Silver. We would discourage this, though, and hope that anyone playing multiple times Thursday nights will be in one of the competitive divisions.

Mixed intermediate will be played with as pure WDBF rules as possible, and the emphasis will be on playing and developing competitively, but the level of play will not be top-tier the way Mixed Competitive will be.

If you have a team of talented athletes who have never played before, or a team of people with dodgeball experience looking to get better and experience the WDBF rules with as few house rules as possible, Mixed intermediate is for you! If you have a team with some talented athletes but you’re just looking for something fun to do before you go out for drinks later, then you should look at registering for Silver. If there is not a lot of talent/experience on your team, and you’re just looking for some good old beginner fun, check out Bronze!


Divisions available for the Fall

The following divisions will be made available for the Fall:


Bronze, Silver, Gold


Bronze, Silver (any team registering for gold will be moved to a different night)


Bronze, Silver, Gold


Bronze, Silver (any team registering for gold will be moved to a different night)


Bronze, Silver, Mixed Intermediate, Mixed Competitive, Women’s, Men’s Competitive

Registration opens August 24th at noon

Hello everyone,

I’m sure by now you have all read the “registration will be delayed while we wait back to hear from our gym partners” message on the front page of the Dodgeball Winnipeg website. The message was put up there while we were waiting for the few suitable open-court venues that exist in Winnipeg to respond to our applications for space.

We got the email at 5:04pm on Monday August 20th from Dakota Fieldhouse that we were waiting for, but unfortunately it was not what we were hoping for. They were unable to award us any of the space we had requested.

Despite the incredible growth in our community and for our sport in the last several years, Dodgeball is still a fledging sport in its infancy. While it is exciting to be on the cutting edge of something new, it also means we struggle to compete with the booking power and recognition of well-established sports like basketball and volleyball.

This unfortunately means that during the winter months, while both these sports are in full swing, we are not able to gain access to the facilities needed to play open-court style. I did consider booking a variety of smaller venues to run single open courts (Broadway Neighborhood Center, running a single open court out of Elmwood or Norberry, etc), however a large portion of our community plays on more than one team per night and it would have resulted in a significant amount of travel time and expense for those individuals.

For this reason, Thursday nights will return to being wall-ball, but the rules changes will stay the same (pure WDBF rulebook, as few house rules as possible). The divisions will remain as Mixed Competitive, Mixed Intermediate, Men’s Competitive, and Women’s. The cost will be the same as regular team-league, and we can all rest easy Thursdays as we won’t be desperately hunting for shaggers.

Despite all these setbacks, I am happy to announce though that Draft will be able to remain as open-court. We will run a single court lengthwise at both Norberry-Glenlee lengthwise and East Elmwood Community Centre. Both venues have offered to let us set up net stands if necessary. Draft will have a hard limit of 12 teams though, as we can run 4PM-6PM at Norberry and 3PM-7PM at EECC if necessary.

Open Court is is very near and dear to my heart. I love this format and the challenges it brings. I am very grateful for the opportunity Dakota Fieldhouse has provided us as a community, introducing many people to this style of play for the first time. Fieldhouse has guaranteed us space back in the Spring, in no small part due to the friendly, respectful and frankly amazing community of people that come out to play dodgeball.

In the meantime, I will continue to look for suitable Open Court space for Winter season. I look forward to the day when Dodgeball reaches the same level as basketball and volleyball, and have no doubt that our community here in Winnipeg will play a huge role in getting us there.Thank you for your understanding, registration will open officially tomorrow (August 24th) at 12:00 noon.

Stacy Huen
Managing Director of Dodgeball Winnipeg

Registration – when will it open?

Currently we have opened draft registration to current participants (check your email, a link was sent out!) but we have not opened up other registration yet.

Why? Because we are still waiting for confirmation from Dakota Fieldhouse, Qualico Centre, and Duckworth Centre on exactly how much space they will be granting us this fall. We do not want to open registration until we can tell you exactly which divisions we will have on each night of the week, and DFH informed us on Friday they were close to being done their fall schedule and would get back to us early this week. As soon as we receive confirmation from at least one of these venues that we will have enough space to run the Open-Court divisions we wish to run, we will open registration.

We already have space Sunday-Thursday for regular league nights, and could open it now, but we understand a lot of players are waiting to see what will be available for open-court space before they commit to registering a team. We wish to make the registration process as fair as possible and for that reason we are not opening it yet.


Q: Will there be a women’s division?
A: Yes, no matter what happens with gym space we will run a women’s division this Fall

Q: Will Thursdays be at Dakota Fieldhouse?
A: We are waiting to see how much space they can grant us, and if we will need to supplement that with space at other gymnasiums as well

Q: Will open-court be Thursday only?
A: Until we have a response from our gym partners, we cannot answer that question

Q: When will early bird pricing end?
A: We are waiting to open registration in its entirety first, and will then choose an appropriate date for early bird to end

Thank you!

Registration coming up

We are waiting for confirmation from some of our venues still, but so long as they get back to us this week we will be opening up registration on Monday August 20. Draft registration will open up to the public August 31.

Team fees will change for the first time since 2016, and will be as follows:

Team League: $545 early bird, $595 regular

Open-court: $575 early bird, $625 regular

Draft will also be going up accordingly since it has changed to open-court format:

Draft: $74.90 (no early bird or regular pricing)

Time slot reservations will stay at $90/time slot, with the same rules/restrictions