Month: February 2019

Don’t forget – the Fall Wind Up is almost here!

The wind up for Fall 2018 is almost upon us! Come by Movado Polo Park 305 Madison st. at 9:00pm Friday March 1st for drinks, karaoke and fun! This is where winning teams will collect their medals and free pitcher of beer.

Whether you won anything or not, come on down anyway and share some fun, drinks and sing with the dodgeball community!

Check your email, check your attendance

With playoffs coming up it is VERY important you check your email and your attendance lists.

There are deadlines by which you cannot challenge the recorded attendance, and that deadline is in the email you will receive. You will generally receive this email after the playoff schedule for your night is published. It is important that during playoffs you check your email, check your junk mail (in case your email provider is filtering our messages), and check the schedule which has the attendance lists in the event description.


We thank you for your time and participation. We wish you all the best of luck in your playoff games!

A quick summary of divisions

If you’re questioning which division your team should be in, here is a quick rundown of the new way we are dividing up teams.

Bronze – Lowest level play. For recreational teams with little to no experience in dodgeball and little to no athletic background

Silver – For recreational teams that are not interested in being competitive, but have experience in dodgeball or a higher level of athletic talent that would make it unfair for them to play at the lowest level

Gold – Entry-level competitive play. For all teams that want to play competitively, but may not have the ability to compete at the top level yet

Platinum – Top level play. Play against the strongest teams available that night


Please keep in mind, this is all in an ideal world where we have enough teams for each division. Divisions may be combined when necessary. We will do our best to prioritize fair divisions over larger divisions. The best way to ensure we have enough teams to split things up in a fair manner is to encourage more people to sign up. With a larger player-base, we can split divisions up better. We hope you will assist us in bringing new people into the sport so we can make the experience more enjoyable for everyone!


We’re cleaning up the registration process

We have received some great feedback on how to improve our registration process, and will be doing so in preparation for the opening of registration for the Spring 2019 season.

Dodgeball Winnipeg started in 2015 with just a draft division. We then started offering team league in 2016, and in 2018 we added women’s division and competitive divisions. Each one made the process more complex and less clear for the average player.

Starting this season the process will be much easier to navigate, and will guide you through step by step. As the sport and our league continue to grow together, we hope that over time registration will become one of the easiest parts of playing the game. Thank you to everyone who has helped us over the years, and we hope the new registration process is easier to navigate!

Please do not send payment to us for Dodgeball Manitoba events

Just a friendly reminder, please pay Dodgeball Manitoba for Dodgeball Manitoba events. Dodgeball Manitoba is a local not-for-profit group that is volunteer-run and does lots of great things for the dodgeball community, including putting on fundraising events.

Dodgeball Winnipeg is an incorporated dodgeball league for adults, and while we like to work with Dodgeball Manitoba on many mutually-beneficial things, we are not affiliated companies. Please do not send Dodgeball Winnipeg payments for Dodgeball Manitoba events, and vice versa.

Thank you and we hope you have fun at the Dodgeball Manitoba events that are coming up!

Registration for Spring Season

For those wondering when we are opening registration: We are waiting for one last gym to respond about space we applied for. Once they confirm space we will announce registration opening shortly after.

As always, though, draft registration will be opening up tomorrow to current participants only, as we always give current draft participants 2 weeks after game 5 to register before opening remaining spots to the public.

We promise to not open registration immediately after hearing from the gym, we will give a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 7 days notice before it opens.