Winter Season Set to Begin January 27th

Thank you to everybody for your patience regarding the delays in the start of the 2022 Winter Season. At this point, the schedules are finalized, and the intention is to proceed beginning January 27th. Just as a reminder, here are the start dates (or see Important Dates page for more details).

Thursday, Jan 27
Sunday, Jan 30
Tuesday, Feb 1
Wednesday, Feb 2

Two weeks ago, we ran a survey among captains to measure the temperature of our community regarding starting the season. When we ran the survey, the significant majority of teams wanted to proceed to play. Now that another two weeks has passed, we are hopeful that number has gone up even further. At this point, we are unable to delay the season further without sacrificing games and seeing as such a significant majority wanted to proceed as of two weeks ago, we won’t be cutting games from the schedule at this point barring any further restrictions from the province.

Communication has come down from the community centres that mask rules will be stricter in the sense that if you are not participating actively in the game – you must be masked, even if you are in the gym space. This applies to ball retrievers, refs, stat keepers and spectators. Spectators will be discouraged but are allowed. We ask that everybody look out for each other to work together to reduce the risk of spread during games. This includes reducing spectators when capable at the team level, and working with our referees to help them enforce headshot and sanitization rules.

Captains, if you still have concerns about fielding a team on these start dates, please email and we will be in touch.

Thank you as always for your patience and understanding. We look forward to seeing everyone return to play. 

Start of Winter 2022 Season Delayed to January 27th

First off, we would like to thank the community for the feedback that has been provided over the past couple of days (both via survey and direct emails to us). After consideration of this feedback, it is clear that a large segment of the community is not comfortable playing at this point in time. In addition, since originally issuing the survey, we have had gym partners announce that they are not going to be operating over the next 2 weeks. As a result, we will be pushing the season back until Thursday, January 27th. This is the latest that we can postpone the season without starting to cut games from the schedule, however as of right now, we are still looking at a full 9 game season (check the Important Dates page for game dates). Start dates for each division will be as follows:

Thursday, Jan 27
Sunday, Jan 30
Tuesday, Feb 1
Wednesday, Feb 2

The schedule will be amended over the next couple of weeks to reflect the new game dates. Any further changes to the season/schedule will be communicated closer to the season start date, if applicable.

Your continued patience and understanding is very much appreciated!

Captain Survey for Winter 2022

With Covid cases continuing to climb, we are monitoring the situation carefully and hoping that we will see cases peak some time in the near future followed by a rapid drop similar to what has been seen in other parts of the world. We are exploring our options are far as how to proceed and are looking to gauge the temperature of the community in terms of a return to play. In the spirit of transparency these are some of the scenarios we are looking at moving forward:

  • Return to play as scheduled (first games starting Tuesday, January 18th)
  • Push the season back again to Thursday, January 27. With the space we have available, this is the latest we could start before we are forced to start cancelling games.

As a result, we are asking captains to canvass their teams and complete this brief survey to determine if teams are looking to start playing or if they are still uncomfortable returning to play at this time. Please note that this survey is only to be completed by captains. We are asking that captains respond to this survey by Monday, January 10th at noon.

The survey is now closed.

Publishing Schedules

As the schedules begin to be published, please keep in mind that they are not final and are subject to change. This post will be updated once the schedules are final.

Thank you for your patience and co-operation.

Start Date for Winter 2022 Delayed

Out of an abundance of caution in regards to the current uptick in Covid cases in the province, Dodgeball Winnipeg has made the difficult decision to delay the start of the winter 2022 season by 2 weeks. What this means is that the first games of the season that were scheduled to start Tuesday, January 4th, will now start Tuesday, January 18th. The number of games will not be affected as we will now conclude the season 2 weeks later than we originally planned to. This applies to all divisions and all of the new dates can be viewed on the Important Dates page.

We hope that by delaying the start of the season we will be able to better assess the effects of the spread of the new variant and its impact on the healthcare system. As much as we all want to play dodgeball, the health and safety of our players and community is a priority and we don’t feel as though we have enough information to start the season at this point in time.

Thank you for your understanding and we hope to see everyone back on the court in mid January.

Winter 2022 Draft League Player Draft

The winter 2022 draft league player draft will take place tomorrow on Monday, December 27th at 6pm. For the first time in a number of years, we will have a livestream to accompany the draft that will be streamed on Dodgeball on Twitch ( Join Stacy Huen and a guest as they provide insight and analysis while breaking down each pick live as they happen. 

You can set a reminder to be notified when the stream goes live here.

The draft board can be found here.

Update on the Winter 2022 Season

With the current situation regarding the increase in COVID-19 cases in the province, we wanted to update the community on how this may impact the winter 2022 season set to start the first week of January. As of right now, provincial public health restrictions do not prevent us from operating as there are no restrictions for indoor sports beyond a reduction in spectator capacity from 100% to 50%.

With that being said, this is a rapidly evolving situation and we are making contingency plans in the event that we are not able to start as planned in early January. Here are some of the potential scenarios if we cannot proceed as scheduled:

  • Delay our start in January and run later into March than anticipated;
  • Run a shortened season (ex. 6, 7 or 8 weeks) with teams/players being credited/refunded for any games subtracted from the normal 9 game season;
  • Cancel the season entirely with teams/players being credited/refunded for the season (only considered as a last resort).

As the situation changes, we will have more information available and will have a better idea of how we will proceed. We will continue to keep you posted in the meantime. 

As always, thank you for your patience and understanding.

End of 2021 Drop-in Dodgeball

We will be offering three final drop-ins for the remainder of 2021. The dates will be as follows:

  • Sunday, December 5 at East Elmwood Community Centre (6 – 8pm)
  • Sunday, December 12 at East Elmwood Community Centre (6 – 8pm)
  • Sunday, December 19 at East Elmwood Community Centre (6 – 8pm)

Spots can be purchased for $15/person or 2 for $20. As space is limited to 32 spots, no refunds will be available, please keep that in mind before you complete your payment. Your spot will not be reserved until payment is received AND the registration form below has been submitted (for both participants if 2 spots were purchased). Thank you for understanding!

To complete your payment, use the shop on the website for your desired drop in date, or e-transfer $15 or $20 (for 2 people) to

Please note, proof of full immunization will be required in order to attend drop-in.


Registration for Winter 2022 is now open

Registration for winter 2022 is now open. To register a team or as an individual, see our Registration page.

  1. Cost: The costs will be $74.95/player for draft, $575/team for Recreational, and $595/team for Competitive.
  2. Individual registrations: A new page will added to the Registration page in order for us to connect individual players with one another to create free agent teams for the following divisions: Co-ed recreational and men’s competitive/co-ed competitive (gold). With the exception of draft league, individual registration is now closed. 
  3. Timeslots: There will be 2 timeslots per night (with the exception of Thursdays) and these must be purchased from the Shop.
  4. Dates: See the Important Dates page for division start dates, game dates and venue information.
  5. Proof of immunization: In order to offer the safest possible environment for our players, proof of full immunization will be required for all players for the winter 2022 season. If you have not yet been vaccinated, there is still time prior to the start of the season. For more information and to book an appointment, see:
  6. Credits from previous seasons: Any team or player that registered and paid for a previous season and elected to leave their money as a credit with Dodgeball Winnipeg will be allowed to use that credit to register for winter 2022. A new registration form will still be required. For more information on how to use credits click here.
  7. Divisions: We have the following divisions with confirmed space:
    • Sundays – Bronze, Silver | Gold, Platinum | Draft
    • Tuesdays – Bronze, Silver
    • Wednesdays – Bronze, Silver
    • Thursdays – Men’s Competitive, Women’s Competitive,
      *Due to gym constraints, we are unable to run Thursday Bronze/Silver divisions. Recreational Thursday teams are encouraged to sign up for Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

Registration closing: Registration will close Sunday, December, 19th 2021 at 11:59pm.