Thursday schedules are complete

Thursday schedules are complete, and we also had some errors corrected.

All 6:30, 7:30 and 8:30 games are to be at East Elmwood and all 7:00, 8:00, and 9:00 games are at Sinclair Park.

Please double check your schedules and locations before your next game. Thanks!

Thursday contact sheet will be released tonight

Captains should receive their contact list for Thursday nights by midnight tonight. If you do not see one in your inbox, please check your junk mail/spam filter. If it is not there, please email and we will reply to the email with a copy of the list.

Thank you!

Contact list emails have been sent

We have sent out contact list emails to captains for the following evenings:





If you have not received your email, please check your junk mail/spam filter. If it is not there, please email with the night that you play and we will respond with a copy of the email.

Thank you, and have a great season!

We have begun work on Sundays

We have begun work on the Sunday schedules. With the sheer number of teams playing Sunday nights this will be a long process.

During this time you will see many games appear, disappear, and move around.

Captains will be notified when the schedules are complete.


Mondays’ schedules are tentatively released, as with Draft League.

We will be working on Sundays’ schedules next.


The draft has been completed, and the draft division schedule will be released soon.

Women’s division registration is now closed. The list of registered&paid women will be sent to the committee this weekend and we should have the team list next week. A schedule will be released after that.

Tuesday and Wednesday schedules are tentatively complete – captains will be notified this weekend.

Monday schedules are pending release (we are awaiting on confirmation from one team that expressed interest in joining late)

Thursday schedules will be released next week.

Sunday schedules are coming soon – we hope to begin work on them this weekend.

Late Registration

Registration closed officially last night at midnight, but to even out some of the divisions we are going to hold open the following:

Please use this form to register a team at any of the following levels:

Monday nights – room for 1 team at bronze or silver level

Tuesday nights – registration is closed

Wednesday nights – registration is closed

Thursday nights – there is room to register in our women’s division

Sunday nights – we have room for 1 gold team

If you are looking to take up one of these slots please contact us –

We still have room!

Registration closes on Sunday but we still have room on:

Mondays: Bronze or Silver

Sundays: Bronze, Silver, or Gold

Tuesdays: Bronze Silver or Gold

Wednesdays: Bronze (ideally) or Silver

Thursdays: Bronze, Silver, and Mixed Competitive