Register for our first drop-in!

Use this form to register tor the drop-in on Wednesday August 4th, 2021 at 6:30-8:30pm at Sinclair Park Community Center.

As space is extremely limited, no refunds will be available, please keep that in mind before you complete your payment. Your spot will not be reserved until payment is received. Thank you for understanding!

To complete your payment, use the shop on the website for your desired drop in date, or e-transfer $15 to

Please note, proof of full immunization will be required in order to attend drop-in.

Registration for this drop-in is now closed.

Refund credits

We have completed sending refunds to all teams that filled out the Form (that was to be filled out end of season in 2020)

As mentioned prior to closing the form, all teams that did not fill out the form will receive refunds in the form of store credit.

We have begun work on these, as well as any teams that had non-standard pricing, and will have those issued by Sunday April 18th, 2021.

Thank you all for your patience, and stay safe!

Add to your contacts/safe senders list!

We have begun the process of issuing the store credits for Fall 2020 teams that chose to receive a refund in the form of a store credit. This email will come from

You will need to log in to the Dodgeball Winnipeg website using the email it was sent to in order to use your credit. It will appear there once you have an item in your cart, even if you forget/lose the code! This is NOT a one-time use item, you can spend as little or as much of it as you want, and the remainder will still appear on your account.
We hope to have all credits issued by end of day April 11th.
If you have any questions, please contact

Register for an upcoming drop-in!

With drop-ins limited to 10 participants, in order to keep things as fair as possible we will take registrations via a form. Spots will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. Your spot is not reserved until you have completed payment. The information on this form can and will be shared with the appropriate authorities for contact tracing purposes only, and only if the need arises for contact tracing. By completing this form you are also consenting to be contacted for the purposes of contact tracing should there be an exposure potentially linked to someone at this event. Please fill out the form individually for each person who is attending, however you may send a single payment for more than one person, just please mention who the payment is for if you are e-transferring.

Please keep in mind that while competition is currently not allowed (per the public health order), drop-ins will be run more like a practice than in prior years where it was just games all night. There will be warm ups, cool downs, skills and drills, conditioning, stretches, as well as some for-fun scrimmaging. This is the perfect opportunity to safely return to play and to build up your fitness level while we wait for competition to be allowed again.

The form will appear here when registration for the next drop in opens up.

Make sure you choose your refund method before the deadline!

Any team that has not selected their refund method by 11:59pm December 28th 2020 will receive a credit and will not be eligible for cash refund.

Any draft player that has not selected their refund method by 11:59pm January 1, 2021 will receive free entrance to the next season of draft and will not be eligible for cash refund.

*If you do not have the refund link please email and we will send it to you*


Thank you so much to everyone for keeping Dodgeball alive through the pandemic – we would not have been able to survive financially without this truncated Fall season, and it’s all thanks to the wonderful community of players. You have all been so supportive and understanding. You are truly the best community an organization could hope to serve.

See you all in 2021 hopefully, 2022 at the latest!

Dodgeball on Ice

On October 30th 2020 Manitoba announced pandemic response level is moving to critical (aka code red) Monday November 2nd. This is because of significant and uncontained community spread as well as our healthcare system being at/over capacity. At this response level rec centers/gymnasiums are closed, and recreational sports are not permitted.

While these restrictions do not officially take place until Monday at 12:01am, Dodgeball will be suspended effective immediately. We understand that many people would like to have this Sunday as a “last hurrah” before restrictions take place, but that is both not possible and in our opinion would not protect our community (and society at large) given the current state of our healthcare system. It is not possible for us to run games this weekend as the gymnasiums we rent all felt it to be safest to cease operations immediately on Friday, and we agree with their decisions to do so, and provided no pushback when notified.

This is an extremely difficult time for all of us in the sports sector, and especially difficult for gym coordinators as not all groups have taken this announcement gracefully. We have chosen, as an organization, to support the decisions made by the gyms we rent with respect to going above and beyond the public health orders to keep us safe. These relationships are of the utmost importance to Dodgeball, and the people making these decisions are human beings doing what they believe will keep people safe – that is something we value and want to encourage. We have been extremely fortunate to have not had even a single exposure at Dodgeball this Fall, but we know that luck plays a big part in that and do not want to risk having a game be a super spreader event, which becomes more likely as the case counts and test positivity rates increase.

Dodgeball will return when the pandemic level drops back to a point where it is safe and legal to operate again. When the current Pandemic Response level is dropped (or extended) we will revisit the feasibility of finishing this season.

Once again, thank you to Dodgeballers across Winnipeg for keeping our sport safe while we were operating, and we want to thank you in advance for being understanding while we go back on ice. You are not just the best customers a business could have, you’re the best community of any hobby in the world. You have demonstrated in spades why we love this sport and the people who play it, and we will be back on the court whipping balls at each other as soon as we have the virus under control here in Winnipeg.

Stay safe,

Stacy Huen

Managing Director

Manitoba’s pandemic response announcement

After today’s presser we will discuss the implications with our gym partners and spend the evening making sure everything is understood and nothing is walked back before we make an announcement tomorrow about how Dodgeball will be impacted.
There will be no official announcement this evening as we have found in past that the messaging gets changed or undone shortly after announcements are made, so we will spend the evening determining how we will move forward following the government’s announcements today. An official announcement will be made Saturday October 31st in the early afternoon.
Please expect us to post here, on our facebook, and an email will be sent tomorrow afternoon once we know for sure how we are moving forward and what that will look like.
The decision will be made with care, and will not be taken lightly.

November schedules coming shortly!

After receiving some news we were waiting on from gyms, we will put in time this weekend to schedule the remaining November games that are unscheduled. For example, Sunday November 8th is on the schedule for recreational games now, and we have space Thursday November 19th which was previously unconfirmed. Dakota will be 6:30-9:30 just as in October.

Things are looking good for us to finish the season before the end of November. Thank you to everyone for being responsible and respectful, have a great rest of the season!