Interested in joining the Dodgeball Winnipeg team? We are a group of committed Dodgeball players, and have found that dodgeball is best run by people who love and play the sport. Please read this page in its entirety before you apply.

In order to apply for a referee position, you must have a minimum of one season playing in Dodgeball Winnipeg or another league with WDBF rules (there are no other leagues in Winnipeg with this ruleset, so if you have experience from another WDBF league outside of Winnipeg, please let us know which one and we will check to confirm their ruleset is the same). Any applications that make reference to “gym class” as experience in dodgeball will not be considered – we are looking for people who take dodgeball seriously.

When we have specific job opportunities we will post them. In the meantime, if you’d like to become a referee simply fill out this application form and we will get back to you as soon as we have an opening. That may be as soon as the next day, or as far away as the next season. We are always looking for fun, assertive individuals to help us keep the games running smoothly!

How many seasons of WDBF dodgeball have you played, and in which league?*
Which evenings are you available to ref?*
Which nights do you play dodgeball this season?*