Winter registration opens at 12:00 noon November 19th! Here’s what you need to know:

First and foremost: CHECK YOUR EMAIL OFTEN! We communicate with teams/draft players via email, and it is important you check your email as many of those communications are time-sensitive. Make sure and are added to your contacts/safe-senders list.

Regular price will be $74.95 for draft, $64.95 for Women’s division and individuals for Men’s competitive. Regular price will be $595 for all teams.

Team league will run Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. You can register a team here.

For the Winter 2019 season Mixed intermediate will not be offered, as it is too similar to the Silver level of play and teams have indicated they would rather have one larger division instead of two small ones. In addition, once again we will do our best to make sure that Men’s, Women’s, and Mixed Competitive do not overlap with one another. We will not be able to make any promises that Bronze and Silver games will not overlap with the competitive formats. You can register for the competitive divisions here.

Women’s division will cost $64.90 per player, and players register individually. The current players are currently voting on how they want to see the teams divided (by committee or by captains). You can register for Women’s division here.

Registration for Draft League opens to the public November 19th at 12:00 noon, the same time registration for everything opens to the public.

Registration for Team League and Competitive Thursdays will close December 23rd at 11:59pm

Rosters for Winter season are due December 24th at 11:59pm. Any team without a roster submitted at that time will lose their free roster change for the Winter season. Any team with no roster December 26th will forfeit their first game, and will forfeit an additional game every two days their roster is not submitted. We will not be working on Christmas Day so make sure you submit your roster well in advance so you do not forfeit games.


Time slot reservations:

  1. Teams get to choose which day of the week they play on, but if your team wishes to pay to play at a specific time each evening, the cost will be $90 for the season and we will only sell 2 per day of the week.
  2. We will not accept payment via e-transfer for time slots. They will be made available individually through our webstore, since they sell out quickly and this is the only way to manage available stock (sometimes we will receive multiple transfers at the same time, but our webstore allows us to show them as sold out).
  3. We will not permit a team to buy a timeslot before they have paid for their team. If we find a team has done this and not paid for their team yet, we will refund them for the timeslot and make it available to the public once more. That team will no longer be permitted to purchase a timeslot for this season.