Spring 2024 season in progress.
Summer 2024 registration will open Monday May 20th at 12:00pm.
The links below will not be active until registration is open.

Recreational/Intermediate Team Registration
Recreational Individual Registration
Competitive Team Registration
Summer Mixer Men’s/Women’s Divisions
Individual Draft Registration
DBMB Cloth Individual Draft Registration

Division Guidelines

Recreational: This is the lowest level play available in team league. You should register for recreational if your team is full of beginners or has little athletic experience. Played 6v6 with a 2-female minimum. Played in the “Wall Ball” format; this division prioritizes fun, exercise and friendship before competitive drive. (Previously known as Bronze)

Intermediate: This is the higher level of recreational play, which is for teams that still want to play recreationally but have athletic ability and/or dodgeball experience. Played 6v6 with a 2-female minimum. Played in the “Wall Ball” format; this division is ideal for people who take the sport more seriously with some competitive drive, and want to improve and play against stronger, more experienced players. You can expect to see some competitive players in this division with the aim of playing on a more recreational level, but you should not see an entire team of competitive players. (Previously Known as Silver)

Competitive: This is the highest level of play in the city. This is ideal for players with the expectations of going toe-to-toe against the best players in the city. Played in the “Open court” format (Previously Known as Gold/Platinum) **DRAFT IS CONSIDERED COMPETITIVE**. Draft can serve as a good introductory to the competitive side of the sport for an individual wanting to take the sport more seriously; or players wanting to meet new people in a high level environment.

DBMB Cloth: This is a new format to our province. This is for anybody who would like to try out the cloth style of gameplay. We are currently offering a large discount to try and grow interest in this format. Sign up as an individual and get to learn this style of our sport: different ball, different rules, same dodging, throwing and catching fun!

When registering, please keep in mind the following contingent on registration numbers:
Recreational/Intermediate may condense into a single Division.
Competitive leagues may expand into A and B.

Useful information:

First time Dodgeballer? Check out our FAQ!

Dodgeball Winnipeg is for adults only. We do not offer anything for people under the age of 18.

First and foremost: CHECK YOUR EMAIL OFTEN! We communicate with teams/draft players via email, and it is important you check your email as many of those communications are time-sensitive. Make sure and are added to your contacts/safe-senders list.

Check out our Important Dates page for more information on season dates.