Recreational Teams

Please check our important dates section for info on the dates the season runs. The price is just $575 for a team.

The following divisions are available for recreational play. Bronze is for beginners, and Silver is for teams with some athletic background or experience playing dodgeball, but who are not interested in playing competitively. Divisions may be combined when necessary. Competitive teams are not permitted to play in recreational divisions.

Sundays: (Starting Sep 13th)

Bronze, Silver

Wednesdays (starting Sep 16th)

Bronze, Silver

Thursdays (starting Sep 24th)

Bronze, Silver

So what exactly is a team league?

Get your friends together and sign up a team for a coed team league! We have divisions available Sunday, Monday , Tuesday, Wednesday,  and Thursday. A division will be 4 or more teams playing on the same night. The season runs 9 games (7 round robin, 2 playoffs), and there are no games on Holidays, long weekend Sundays or Mondays.

Games start between 6:30pm-9:30pm on weekdays and 6:00pm-10:00pm on Sundays.

This is a coed league, so at least 2 of the 6 players on the court must be female. If a team has only 1 female player they will be able to play short (4 men and 1 woman). If a team has no women show up to a game, or has less than 4 players total, they will forfeit the game 0-10. It is for this reason we recommend you have at least 3 females on your team, and a total of 8-10 players, as sometimes people will have to miss a game and you do not want to play short! The maximum team size is 12 players but we do not recommend having a team that large.

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Please make sure you are committed to the season before you register, as we do not offer refunds for most products and services we offer. You can read our refund policy for more details.

Each team receives one free roster change, any additional changes are $50 beyond the first. Rosters are submitted here: