Private Events

Rent gym space and equipment from us privately! Perfect for team practices, work events, or just for fun with a group of friends!

Important, please read: Practice space is to be used for events that are hosted privately, are non-cumulative, and are not open to the public. Teams that host practices are welcome to collect from the attending players to cover costs, but are not to be used to generate profit. In the event you would like to do a fundraising event for your team, please contact so we can properly schedule, endorse, and promote the event. We will happily assist in scheduling, organizing, and promoting fundraising events but they require a different use agreement which will be explained and negotiated in advance.

The cost is $75-$150 per hour depending on the number of players you intend to have, how many games you wish to run at once, and how many staff are required. This includes the rental of the gymnasium.

If you have your own space, please advise and we will negotiate a lower rate for you.

Equipment and insurance will be provided by Dodgeball Winnipeg.