Frequently asked questions:

Q: Can I register as an individual?

A: We primarily offer team leagues, meaning you get a team of your friends together, and sign up as a team! You could also try to find people by looking in the “Winnipeg Dodgeball Community” Facebook Group. With that said, we do offer individual registration for our draft league division.

Q: We are beginners, and we heard this league is mainly competitive, is that true?

A: Not at all! We have more beginner teams than any other league in the city. In fact, we currently have more teams in our beginner divisions than any other league has in all of their divisions combined. If you don’t want to play in a competitive division, simply sign up for the one that is at your skill level! See our division descriptions for more information.

Q: What times do you play?

A: Team leagues run Sundays 6:00pm and later, Monday-Thursday runs 6:00pm and later. Draft League runs Sundays 4:00-6:00.

Q: How many games do we get?

A: Team leagues play 9 games guaranteed, including playoffs.

Q: Do we get to choose when we play?

A: You get to choose which day of the week you play on, and you will play on that day every week. If your team needs a specific time on that day, you can pay $90 to choose your team’s schedule for the season. This is sold on a first-come-first-serve basis and priority is given to the team(s) that pay for it first.

Q: Do you play on holidays?

A: No, there are no games on holidays.

Q: Where do you play?

A: We play at various community centers, with the vast majority of games happening at East Elmwood Community Center. Sometimes we book Glenwood, Greendell, Sinclair Park, Winakwa, Sturgeon Heights, Norberry-Glenlee, Dakota Fieldhouse, Qualico Sport for Life Centre, and other gyms if they are available.

Q: How many people should I have on my team?

A: For new teams, we recommend 8-10 players, and at least 3 should be female. Once you get a reliable group of people coming, 8 or 9 seem to be the magic number. 10 usually feels like too much (you end up sitting nearly every other round when 10 people show up to a game). We have a maximum of 12 permitted on a roster.

Q: Does it hurt to get hit by a ball?

A: We use 7″ foam balls covered in rubber. If someone throws it hard enough you will feel it, and it may sting slightly if you get hit in a sensitive area such as your head. That being said, our balls have a lot less mass than the 8.5″ balls other leagues use, and you will find that even at full speed these balls do not really hurt.

We recommend removing any rings/jewelry you may be wearing as people have hurt themselves in the past with their own jewelry while going for a catch.

Q: I haven’t played sports since high school, what division should I join?

A: If you wish to register a team and have little athletic experience, please select “bronze” division.

Q: I don’t have Paypal, how else can I pay?

A: Even without paypal, you can still check out using your credit card (paypal accepts credit card payments even for people who do not have paypal).

Q: I don’t have a credit card or Paypal but still want to play, how can I pay?

A: You can e-transfer the correct amount to payments@dodgeballwinnipeg.com and we will respond with a link to a registration form.

Q: Which division should I register for?

A: Here is a short definition of all the divisions:

Bronze: This is the lowest level play available in team league. You should register for bronze if your team is full of beginners with little athletic experience.

Silver: This is the higher level of recreational play, which is for teams that still want to play recreationally but have some athletic ability and/or dodgeball experience. If your team is consistently winning games in Bronze, you should move up to silver.

Gold: This is entry-level competitive play. If you want to take dodgeball seriously, or are consistently winning games in Silver you should play Gold.

Platinum: Top level play. If you want to go toe-to-toe with the best players that night of the week, register for platinum.

Men’s/Women’s competitive: Competitive play, similar to platinum but gendered.

Draft league: This is a competitive league in which all players sign up as individuals, and the top-ranked players of the previous season choose their teams from the available pool of players. At the end of each season, all teams are dissolved and the process begins again. The coed draft division plays Sundays before team league games. For a more detailed explanation, click here.

Q: I have a child who is interested in dodgeball, what do you offer for kids?

A: Dodgeball Winnipeg is for adults only, and does not have any current plans to offer programs for youth under 18 years old. Please check out your local YMCA or www.WinnipegMinorDodgeball.com – please note we are not affiliated with this league.

Q: Can I bring my child to a game?

A: We very strongly discourage bringing young children to the game! For insurance purposes we have a no-children policy on the court – that means your child must stay out of bounds at all times.

Children aged 13-17 may enter the gym and watch from the bench but are forbidden from participating.

If you must bring a child aged 12 or younger please make sure they have direct supervision at all times. The foam balls we use are unlikely to hurt an adult, but young children face the risk of injury. We recommend having someone 12 or older come with them and seat the child behind the bench, so they are protected from stray throws. Cross-court shots can hit a person sitting on the bench and your child could get knocked over and potentially be seriously injured.

For infants/toddlers, do not bring them into the gym. It simply isn’t safe. We appreciate that you love the sport and want to play but it is a risk you as a parent should not be taking with their health.

Also, please note that since this league is for adults we will not be asking players to censor their language or music (which is often brought to games). If you do not wish for your child to hear adult language do not bring them to the game, or bring headphones and music for them to listen to.