Month: January 2020

Thursday Schedules will be finished today

We are working on getting out Thursday Gold and Silver today. We will email captains as soon as they are complete. Please keep in mind until that email comes out, changes can and will be made to the schedule as we move things around to ensure proper ref coverage.

Thank you for your patience!

Sponsorship opportunities are available!

If you follow Dodgeball, you know it’s one of the fastest growing sports out there. We started off in 2015 with 64 players in our first season, and now have consistently 1300+ unique players per year. We are looking to expand our horizons, and are looking to partner with motivated individuals to grow our business along with yours. As a part of our commitment to keeping Dodgeball accessible and affordable, we are now looking to partner up with sponsors and event organizers in order to maintain that mandate!

Each season we have 500-600 players across ~15 divisions, playing Sunday through Thursday each week (except holidays). If you wish to take us up on one of these opportunities, or present one of your own, please contact for more details.


If your organization would like to partner with Dodgeball Winnipeg we have the following opportunities available:

Organizer: Dodgeball Singles night

A highly requested event, we are looking for someone with experience in events of this nature, or someone involved with a venue that has experience with events of this nature. Due to the unique nature of events like this, compensation will be negotiated once we have worked out details together.

Put your company logo on the balls

We use WDBF-standard balls and order factory-direct, so we have the ability to customize balls. Get your company seen by all our players at every game! Get your company on 650 balls for just $1000, or 1000 balls for $1500. Factory orders generally take 3-4 months to arrive so these would likely be ready to use about 2 seasons out, and would be in use for at minimum one year, likely longer.

Sponsor a division

Interested in getting your name out there? We will put your company name on the division of your choice, as well as provide a direct link to your company site on the standings and sponsor page. At the beginning, middle, and end of the season we will also email any special offers/communications you wish to communicate to all our players on our contact list. We will also distribute any materials you wish to the players in that division once at the beginning of the season, and once in the middle. If you wish to also add some form of prize (No cash prizes, please. We want to keep the game friendly) that can also be given to the winning team at the end of the season. Teams are generally 8-9 players but can be as many as 12 so keep that in mind if you wish to provide prizes.

Division Sponsorship costs are as follows:

Draft Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Draft division (streamed): $500 Sundays: All 4 divisions: $1000 1 division : $250 1 division: $250 Both divisions (10 teams): $500 All divisions: $750
Bronze and silver: $500 Silver division: $250 Platinum division (6 teams): $350
Gold and Platinum: $750 Bronze division: $400 Gold division (7 teams): $400
1 division of your choice: $300 Silver division (6 teams): $350

Organizer: Large event(s)

Please contact us if you are interested in running a larger event. We will take care of the dodgeball side of it, but are looking for someone with experience running large events and making them financially worthwhile.

Sponsorship without cash:

Get your product/service out there by donating it as a prize for our stat keeper/ball retriever draws we do each week! After every draft day, we reward our volunteer stat keepers and ball retrievers by putting their names into two draws (one for the stat keepers, one for the retrievers) and drawing for some free swag! If you are interested in donating in this fashion, we will require at least 2 of each item/service for each week you wish to donate. We will give your company a big shout out on the live stream, as well as announcing it the week before and the day of the draw.

Late registration

We have room for 1 more team in Thursday Silver and 1 more team in Thursday Gold. If you are interested in putting together a team to fill one of these slots please contact and we will give the captain their portion of the registration fee at no charge. (So for example if you have 8 players on your team we will give you a discount of 1/8th the full registration fee).

First game is January 23rd, contact us ASAP if you are interested!

Thursday Dates

We have had a few inquiries about the Thursday dates.

The important dates page currently reads: Thursdays January 23, 30, February 6, 13, 20, 27, March 5, 12, 19. These are the dates of the Winter 2020 season.

As you may recall, the important dates page previously read as follows:

“Thursdays January 16, 23, 30, February 6, 13, 20, 27, March 5, 12, 19 (Only 9 of these dates will be used, but will depend on gym availability)”

We were only going to start Thursdays on January 16th if it was a requirement to get Dakota Fieldhouse. Since Dakota was unable to give us any space, and notified us on December 30th 2019, we were unable to publish the dates until that decision was made. Shortly after their decision was made public we chose to have the 9 dates that all occur after both men and women have completed their provincial tournaments, and updated the important dates page after that decision was made.

We negotiate gym space with gymnasiums usually ~1 year in advance, but unfortunately Dakota Fieldhouse did not respond to our request until 3 weeks before the requested dates. This is an unusual situation we hope will not happen again, but unfortunately we are at the mercy of the gymnasiums when it comes to space allotments. We appreciate your patience and understanding!


Schedules are coming out shortly!

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays should be released by end of day today (Saturday January 11th).

We will begin working on Thursdays and Sundays on January 13th.

Captains will be notified when the schedule is complete and provided with a contact list for other captains in order to clear spares at that time.

Have a great winter!

1v1 Me bro

Australia’s unjustifiably in a position they’d rather not be in right now, what’re you going to do about it?

1v1 me bro. For Australia.

100% of all proceeds from registrations will be donated. In addition, Dodgeball Winnipeg will increase the donation by the percentage of rounds that I lose. For example, if I lose 50% of the rounds I play, Dodgeball Winnipeg will increase the donation by 50%. The donation matching will be calculated using the registration fees from the players. Additional donations are welcomed, but will not be matched by the donation matching. Want us to donate more than just the proceeds? Come down here and beat me yourself.

Packages are as follows:

Minimum $10 donation – play Stacy 1v1 in a best of 5 sudden death match. Live on stream.

Minimum $15 donation – choose whether you play Stacy 1v1 in a best of 3 with blocking, or best of 7 sudden death.

Minimum $25 donation – play Stacy 1v1 in a best of 5 sudden death, followed by a best of 3 with blocking. If it’s a tie, you play a tie-breaker of your choice (bo3 sudden death or bo1 with blocking).

Minimum $50 donation – bring a friend and play Stacy 2v1 in a Bo5 sudden death or Bo3 with blocking. Or leave Stacy out of it and 1v1 your friend!

Minimum $50 donation – 1v1 Stacy in a best of 7 sudden death, or a best of 3 with blocking. You also get a folding chair.

All games will be played Open Court format at East Elmwood CC January 16 2020 between 6:30-9:30pm. Event will be live streamed. You will have the option of being mic’d.