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Registration details – Fall 2020

Registration opens tomorrow (August 5th) and we can share the following details:

  1. Cost: There will be no Early Bird registration. The costs will be $74.95/player for draft, $575/team for Recreational, and $595/team for Competitive. 3v3 teams will cost $300
  2. Dates: Divisions will run for 9 weeks starting in September and ending after 9 games have been played (7 season, 2 playoff).  More specific dates will be released for each division once gymnasiums confirm the specifics. We have also booked extra space in case we need to shut down at any point in time for up to 3 weeks. This means the season may end in November or December.
  3. Winter 2020 refunds: Any team or player that registered and paid for Spring 2020 and elected to leave their money as a credit with Dodgeball Winnipeg will be allowed to use that credit to register for Fall 2020. A new registration form will still be required.
  4. Divisions: We have the following divisions with confirmed space:
  5. Sundays – Bronze, Silver | Gold, Platinum, Draft
    Mondays – Bronze, Silver
    Tuesdays – Bronze, Silver | 3v3 (for the first season placement matches will be used to determine divisions in 3v3)
    Wednesdays – Bronze, Silver
    Thursdays – Bronze, Silver | Gold, Platinum, Men’s Comp, Women’s Comp

*Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Men’s and Women’s will all be 6v6

  1. Registration closing: Registration will close August 28th at 12:00pm (noon).


Covid refunds should be complete

We sent emails on May 1st, and have processed all refunds received at this point. If you did not see/receive the email, please contact us directly at


Thank you!

Enjoy the weather

It should come as no surprise to everyone that Spring 2020 season is cancelled. Affected players/teams will receive an email with directions on how to choose whether they want a refund in the form of a credit towards a future season, or as a refund in the same method as payment was made. Regardless of your choice, you must fill out the form so we have your choice on record.

Furthermore, we are going to make the decision to cancel Summer 2020 as well, and aim to start an early Fall season in September 2020. This is optimistic, but we are hopeful it can be done.

If there is a vaccine, or it becomes safe to run dodgeball earlier than September 2020, we will run regular drop-ins. It is our intent to cause as little harm as possible, and this is one of the highest risk activities given the transfer of bodily fluids (sweat, primarily) on balls that are aimed at one another. Also, given how much time everyone will have been away from the sport, we hope that drop-ins will be possible in advance of the Fall season so players can ease themselves back into the activity and avoid acute injuries.

We will send emails later today with instructions on how to apply for your refund. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Announcement re: Spring Season coming on April 2nd

With the pandemic in full swing, we will be making an announcement regarding Spring 2020 on our homepage and Facebook page on April 2nd.

At that time we will make the decision to cancel April, or all of Spring. Unless a vaccine is discovered between now and April 2nd, it is incredibly unlikely gymnasiums will be open and it will be safe to play Dodgeball in the month of April.

At this time, it is safe to assume there will be no Dodgeball in April, unless a vaccine or some other cure is found between now and April 2nd. The announcement will be regarding whether or not we expect to be able to run the Spring season at all.

We will not open up registration for Summer season until such time as it is safe to do so, meaning that gymnasiums are open and the virus has run its course. We will not put anyone in harm’s way.

We will also make sure to finish the Winter 2020 playoffs before we start up another season, and will provide free drop-ins for the equivalent number of games lost to any teams that were not in playoffs but had games cancelled for Winter 2020 due to Covid-19.

Thank you for reading, and please check back regularly for updates.

Register for our Smash Tournament this Sunday!

We are hosting an online-only Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament starting at 4:00pm.

Register by sending an e-transfer of $10 to or visit to pay by credit card in our online shop.

As this is our inaugural e-sports event, we will only be opening this event to players that have played on a roster in our Dodgeball League at any time since 2015. We will open future events to the public.

Prize is a package of toilet paper!

Dodgeball Does E-sports

Looking for a competitive outlet?

Dodgeball Winnipeg will be hosting some competitive online tournaments for the remainder of March. If we end up having to cancel games in April (a very real possibility at this point in time) we will look at offering ranked competitive online gaming.

We will be hosting a Smash Bros. tournament this Sunday at 4:00pm to test out the format and gauge interest.

We are going to also look into a regular night of competitive Magic: The Gathering play online using MTG Arena.

Please use the following form to suggest a game that can be played competitively online. Any game with enough interest we will look into running an inexpensive online tournament and/or run a season.

Spring 2020

Hello everyone, with the Covid-19 pandemic, we are still receiving questions about Spring 2020. As it is impossible to know for sure what is happening, we cannot say anything for certain about Spring 2020. Here is a summary of all Spring 2020 information from the March 14th and March 15th posts that we made on Facebook and the front page of our website.

  1. If this is still happening by Mid-april, we will delay the start of the season as much as possible
  2. We will refund any cancelled games (if for example we cancel 2 games and start in May, a 2/9 refund will be issued)
  3. We have budgeted for potential Spring cancellations so your money is safe with us
  4. If Spring is entirely cancelled, 100% refunds will be issued


We have reached out to our gym partners:

  1. Most are cancelling and giving a credit towards next season’s rentals. We believe this to be a fair solution as the community centers operate on thin margins and government funding that is often inadequate. One, where we had 2 rentals left, is giving us a credit towards next season for one and holding the other one as the deposit towards future rentals.
  2. We are securing space to have the season start delayed but still run 9 games if possible, but we will not let Spring season run past the end of June.
  3. The referees will be paid for the cancelled shifts in March.

More details to come as we receive them!