Month: April 2020

Spring 2020

Hello Dodgeballers,

Thank you for taking the time to read this. This has been the hardest time for Dodgeball, and myself personally, in recent memory.

I will cut straight to the chase:

Spring season:

April is cancelled. There is no possibility for us to prepare a season that begins in April even if a vaccine is discovered tomorrow.

Team league will be delayed until May as we should still be able to run a nearly-normal season in May and June. If, by May 1, society is still locked down then Spring will be cancelled entirely, and teams will be refunded. Please do not register for Spring season until we know for sure we will be able to run it.

Spring Draft league is cancelled as we cannot run it without a full season. Refunds for draft will be coming next week.

Winter season:

Due to the circumstances in draft (one captain vying for their captaincy via the championship) we will remain committed to completing this draft season whenever it is safe to do so

We also remain committed to running all the championships if possible. If, however, we are still unable to get back in the gyms by June 30th, we will look at the following options:

  • Recreational divisions will be decided based on the seed, unlessΒ allΒ teams in contention agree to wait
  • Competitive divisions will be consulted as to how they want to proceed

All teams will receive free drop-ins equal to the number of games cancelled, to be used after business resumes

Future seasons:

We will not open registration for any future seasons until such time as we know for certain we will be able to run them

Business continuity:

Dodgeball is an inherently profitable business that, aside from refunds, will not be taking on any additional costs while shutdown. Unfortunately, we just placed a large order for equipment which means that, in order to process refunds, we will be going into debt. We believe this is the ethical way to operate and will hold that debt until such time as Dodgeball reopens. If your team is entitled to a refund and is willing to leave that as a credit towards a future season, we will give you the option to do so. However, we are fully prepared to weather this storm for as long as it takes.

I have picked up a full-time job in the meantime, and will pay the Dodgeball Winnipeg debt out of my own pocket to make sure the business remains solvent and able to fulfill its obligations to its customers.

This is a hard time for everyone, and we will not make it harder for you. Nothing matters more to me than the community we serve. I appreciate the great gift you have all given Dodgeball Winnipeg in the form of your trust.


Thank you for taking the time to read this,

Stacy Huen

Managing director, Dodgeball Winnipeg