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Register for an upcoming drop-in!

With drop-ins limited to 10 participants, in order to keep things as fair as possible we will take registrations via a form. Spots will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. Your spot is not reserved until you have completed payment. The information on this form can and will be shared with the appropriate authorities for contact tracing purposes only, and only if the need arises for contact tracing. By completing this form you are also consenting to be contacted for the purposes of contact tracing should there be an exposure potentially linked to someone at this event. Please fill out the form individually for each person who is attending, however you may send a single payment for more than one person, just please mention who the payment is for if you are e-transferring.

Please keep in mind that while competition is currently not allowed (per the public health order), drop-ins will be run more like a practice than in prior years where it was just games all night. There will be warm ups, cool downs, skills and drills, conditioning, stretches, as well as some for-fun scrimmaging. This is the perfect opportunity to safely return to play and to build up your fitness level while we wait for competition to be allowed again.

The form will appear here when registration for the next drop in opens up.

Big news! Fall is happening!

We are on track to reopen in September. We have been working with our gym partners, and there will be modifications to our housekeeping in order to make Dodgeball acceptable to be played indoors. Registration will open August 5th at 6:00pm for all divisions that have confirmed space.
We will not be modifying game rules, as there is no meaningful way to adjust dodgeball as a sport. There is plenty we can do to minimize potential outbreaks, though. This includes, but is not limited to:
1. Sanitizing or completely replacing balls after each game
2. Spectators will not be permitted
3. All players must exit the facility immediately following their match, before the next game is permitted to enter the facility
4. Attendance sheets may be used for contact tracing
5. There will be relaxed restrictions regarding attendance & spares should someone be self-isolating due to travel or potential/confirmed illness. Our rules page will be updated to reflect this before registration opens
6. We have booked up to 12 weeks for any nights where there was available space so that we can potentially shut down for up to 3 weeks should a potential outbreak occur at Dodgeball
7. Balls will be rotated in and out of use so it can be sanitized and stored for 2+ weeks to further minimize potential spread
8. Pre-screening will occur – and people who are ill or have traveled within 2 weeks will not be permitted to play. Spares rules will be updated to account for this and to ensure playoff eligibility is not affected.

Spring 2020

Hello Dodgeballers,

Thank you for taking the time to read this. This has been the hardest time for Dodgeball, and myself personally, in recent memory.

I will cut straight to the chase:

Spring season:

April is cancelled. There is no possibility for us to prepare a season that begins in April even if a vaccine is discovered tomorrow.

Team league will be delayed until May as we should still be able to run a nearly-normal season in May and June. If, by May 1, society is still locked down then Spring will be cancelled entirely, and teams will be refunded. Please do not register for Spring season until we know for sure we will be able to run it.

Spring Draft league is cancelled as we cannot run it without a full season. Refunds for draft will be coming next week.

Winter season:

Due to the circumstances in draft (one captain vying for their captaincy via the championship) we will remain committed to completing this draft season whenever it is safe to do so

We also remain committed to running all the championships if possible. If, however, we are still unable to get back in the gyms by June 30th, we will look at the following options:

  • Recreational divisions will be decided based on the seed, unless all teams in contention agree to wait
  • Competitive divisions will be consulted as to how they want to proceed

All teams will receive free drop-ins equal to the number of games cancelled, to be used after business resumes

Future seasons:

We will not open registration for any future seasons until such time as we know for certain we will be able to run them

Business continuity:

Dodgeball is an inherently profitable business that, aside from refunds, will not be taking on any additional costs while shutdown. Unfortunately, we just placed a large order for equipment which means that, in order to process refunds, we will be going into debt. We believe this is the ethical way to operate and will hold that debt until such time as Dodgeball reopens. If your team is entitled to a refund and is willing to leave that as a credit towards a future season, we will give you the option to do so. However, we are fully prepared to weather this storm for as long as it takes.

I have picked up a full-time job in the meantime, and will pay the Dodgeball Winnipeg debt out of my own pocket to make sure the business remains solvent and able to fulfill its obligations to its customers.

This is a hard time for everyone, and we will not make it harder for you. Nothing matters more to me than the community we serve. I appreciate the great gift you have all given Dodgeball Winnipeg in the form of your trust.


Thank you for taking the time to read this,

Stacy Huen

Managing director, Dodgeball Winnipeg

Winter 2020 is cancelled, Spring 2020 is still happening

Looks like we’re shutting down over Covid-19. We did not take this decision lightly. There are numerous factors that came into play here aside from public sentiment.

1) Dodgeball contains an unusually high amount of physical contact with bodily fluid given the nature of our sport
2) In the last 24 hours the scare has ramped up significantly
3) Most major sporting organizations have shut down

How will this affect teams with games left?

1) We are asking to cancel the gym space. So far EECC has already said they will not charge us. We will have to wait for responses from Norberry, Sinclair Park, and Winakwa before we determine what amount we can refund the teams
2) All teams that did not make playoffs will have their games cancelled and will receive free drop-ins for all rostered players equivalent to the number of games they will miss. (2 for Sunday teams, 1 for Monday teams, 1 for Thursday teams)
3) All teams with playoff games left to be played will have them postponed. We will attempt to reschedule these games before next season, if possible. If, in the unlikely scenario, we cannot reschedule these games, they will be cancelled as well and we will look at refunds for the affected teams.

How does this affect Spring season?

We are very hopeful that, given the 5 weeks between now and then, Spring should happen as planned. If for some reason it cannot, and there are cancellations or delays of the season, teams will be reimbursed proportionally to the amount they were affected. (Example, if we have to cancel the first game only, you would receive a refund of 1/9 of your team fees)

This has been budgeted for and your money is safe with us. We will act ethically and responsibly to ensure the season happens in whatever capacity is possible given the nature of the current situation.

Buy a timeslot!

One of our lesser-known offerings at Dodgeball Winnipeg is the ability to buy a custom schedule for the season. This is also known as a timeslot.

When you sign up for a season and do not buy a timeslot, you still get to choose the night of the week you play, but you do not get to choose the time or place that your team plays. If your team buys a timeslot, however, you get to choose the time and place where your team plays (from the available times and locations for that night of the week).

Timeslots cost $90 per team, and we only sell 2 per night of the week. They can only be purchased through our webstore. If you are interested in paying $90 for a custom schedule for your team, check out the link:

For example:
1. Average Joes buys a timeslot for Sunday nights. They play in the bronze division, which is being run at 7pm/8pm/9pm out of “Generic Gymnasium” or 6:30/7:30/8:30pm out of “Placeholder Community Center”. They choose to have their games at 7:00 pm every night at Generic Gymnasium.

2. Purple Cobras buys a timeslot for Wednesday nights. Wednesday nights are only run 7pm/8pm/9pm Sinclair Park Community Center. They choose to have all their games at 7pm at Sinclair Park, except for the first game which they ask to have at 9pm because one of their players has a meeting that evening.

If you have any questions about this, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Registration for Spring 2020 is opening soon!

Spring 2020 season registration opens February 24th!

The following divisions will be available:

Sunday Draft, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze

Monday Bronze, Silver

Tuesday 1v1 ranked/ladder – there will be no team league available Tuesdays. If interested in 1v1, please fill out this survey.

Wednesday Silver, Bronze

Thursday Men’s, Women’s, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze

All recreational and wall ball divisions will remain at $545 early bird, $595 regular price

All open court divisions will increase in price to $595 early bird, $648 regular price as the gym time costs us significantly more than wall ball

Newbie night is August 11th!

While the competitive players are off in Saskatchewan for Westerns, we will be running two sessions to introduce new players to the sport. We hope that you take this opportunity to learn the sport, or if you already play with us, bring your friends who have been interested in trying it! There will be room for 36 players per session, with two sessions: 4:00pm and 6:30pm August 11th 2019

There is no entrance fee for brand new players.

Existing players who wish to play must bring a new player in order to play. We will not accept cash for this event.

Check out the event on facebook or on our website for more details!

Fine print:

1.There will be a limit of one existing player per new player. 2. In order to qualify as a “new player” you must have never been listed on the roster of any team in Dodgeball Winnipeg. We reserve the right to check your name in our player database to confirm.

Late registration will be available

First of all – we want to say thank you to everyone who has signed up so far. We are sitting at 80 teams for the Spring Season which is one of our largest seasons ever.

We do have a lot of divisions with uneven numbers, meaning there’s room for another team with no change to our needs for space.

The following divisions will have registration held open for one more team each until Monday April 1st at 11:59pm.

Click here to register for any of the following divisions:

Sundays: Platinum

Mondays: Bronze, Silver

Tuesdays: Silver, Gold, Platinum

Wednesdays: Bronze, Silver

Thursdays: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Men’s, Women’s

Registration is now closed for the following divisions:

Sundays: Bronze, Silver, Gold

Tuesdays: 3v3

Thursdays: 3v3

When a division is filled we will make a new post on our front page and remove the division from the forms.

Congratulations to our division champions!

Congratulations to the teams that won their divisions this season!

Sunova Sundays:

Gold: Divide by 2 Plus Seven

Silver: Pop Lock and Dodge it

Silver: Ballz II Men

Bronze: Dodgey Style


Dodgy Style


Gold: Odin’s Bastards

Silver: Quit Grabbin’ My Balls


Silver: DD3

Bronze: Throwbocops


Men’s: Heatwave

Women’s: Ricotta Throw

Silver: 7 Deadly Sins

Bronze/Silver: OKCU

We will be in touch as soon as we have confirmation on the date for our Winter windup and that is where your team will collect their beer and medals. Thank you to everyone for your participation and we hope to see you back in Spring season!