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September 15th venue changes

We received some seriously unfortunate news from Dakota Field house on Friday that they will be closing September 13th-20th for some urgently needed repairs, and will in fact have their floors entirely redone during this time.
This means that we have had to secure other venues for the Semi-finals week of Sundays for the summer season.
In order to maintain the same style of play, the divisions will be rescheduled as following.
4:00-6:00 East Elmwood CC (playoff games)
4:15-6:15 Norberry-Glenlee CC (teams ranked 5-8)
6:00-8:00 Winakwa CC
Platinum & Gold:
6:00-10:00 East Elmwood CC with nets (playoffs)
8:00-10:00 Winakwa CC, with nets (non-playoffs)

We’re back!

Alright folks, we are back from the National Dodgeball Tournament in Barrie!

What does this mean?

  1. Draft scores will be entered shortly. We were going to do them on the plane but the iPad I brought with the photos of the scores got left at the airport so that did not happen
  2. Sunday schedules for the rest of the season will be entered shortly
  3. More games to be broadcast! While out in Ontario I broadcast a few games and did commentary on them, which I loved doing. In future DW will try to live stream more games and include commentary to help people interested in the game follow along and learn
  4. We will be opening registration for Summer season very shortly

On the horizon:

  1. We will be hosting a draft tournament soon
  2. Dodgeball Manitoba will be hosting a beach dodgeball tournament to raise funds for 2018 Nationals
  3. Summer teams that have a pun with a specific theme (like last summer) will have money from their registration fee donated to D’Arcy’s ARC to help them replace the medication that was stolen from their facility last night
  4. We will be fixing some house rules in Summer to align ourselves more closely with the international standard (ie: removing the 3, 2, 1 from the beginning of rounds and just starting rounds with a “Teams Ready…. *whistle*)
  5. WDBF style balls will become the standard for our league in Fall for sure, but possibly in summer if we get our order in time for the season
  6. We will host a “cattle call” for people to learn how to be a ref. It will be a day of free dodgeball, training, and at the end everyone who passes a test will become certified to ref for us (and other WDBF style leagues) and be eligible to pick up shifts. More info TBA as we figure out the logistics for this event
  7. We will be hosting a competitive 1v1 tournament to determine who deserves the title of best Sudden Death player

FAQs for spring:

Q: Why were the standings left for weeks without an update?

A: The employee of ours who is in charge of updating standings was spending a LOT of time covering shifts and putting out fires that developed, and the time that was normally allotted to data entry got used up solving more pressing issues

Q: Why are the Sunday schedules being released 1-2 weeks at a time?

A: We have to book a LOT of refs on that day who all work day jobs and most play on Sunday teams as well. We have to fit their reffing schedule around their playing/work schedule unlike a night such as Mondays (for example) where we have 2 refs doing the same shift all season.


Best of luck in Halifax!

We would like to wish Team Manitoba the best of luck as they prepare to head to the Dodgeball Canada national tournament this weekend.

Show them what Manitoba is made of!

Don’t hurt yourself – use recovery spot

As an athlete you may be putting long hours in the gym, preparing for your next competition, recovering from an injury, or looking for ways to compliment your health, fitness, and performance.

Recovery Spot provides dynamic “compression therapy” to support performance recovery for athletes at all levels and “hot & cold therapy” for injury treatment.

If you play in Dodgeball Winnipeg, you will receive the following just for playing in our league:

For Compression and Cryotherapy recovery systems:

  • Recovery Compression Therapy sessions free of charge from April 1-June 30
  • Twice a week, 30 minute sessions


Floors at ROCC

We heard concerns about the floors at River Osborne being wet so we went there to check it out and yes it was bad, and almost certainly from condensation.

We have booked this gym before for 2-3 hours at a time and it’s been fine – it was even fine today during draft – but it looks like 6.5 hours coupled with the humidity of today was more than the ventilation system could handle.

For the immediate future we will be moving draft to EECC to reduce the stress on Osborne. We will make sure they have the large roof fans on (they were not on today) and check out the 9:30 game once again on April 9 and see what it’s like. If it is once again unacceptable we will do our best to find an alternative venue. We have already reached out to our regular places to see if any of them can accommodate Sunday evenings.

We do ask that you not write off the gym just because it was bad today. Clearly it can’t handle 6.5 hours in humid weather, but it was great for at least 3 hours, possibly 4 based on the timeline we have gathered from people’s responses. We will make sure everything is in place April 9th to deal with humidity/condensation, and if it is still bad we will make sure not to book the gym for more than 3 hours in future.

We want your name on our balls!

Are you looking for an inexpensive and effective way to advertise for the next year or two?

Dodgeball Winnipeg is looking for a sponsor to put their logo on our balls.

Your logo will be printed clear and visibly on the skin of 1000 balls for a cost of only $5000. We currently retire 12-15 balls per week, and play 40 weeks per year. This means you can easily expect exposure to our players for ~60 weeks of play (essentially the next 18 months), in addition to having your company featured prominently on our website as a major sponsor for as long as the balls remain in rotation.

Dodgeball winnipeg had 578 players in Winter 2017, and has been growing by 100 unique players per season since our inception in 2015. If you are seriously interested please contact and we can provide you with more insight into our analytics and demographics.

Thank you!


Here is an example of what a ball looks like with a logo printed on it:

Winnipeg wins the bid for 2018 Nationals

Dodgeball Canada has awarded Winnipeg the national tournament for 2018. The tournament will take place in April next year.

Think you have what it takes to play at that level? Join the 2017 provincial tournament being held here in Winnipeg this February for a chance to play in the 2017 National tournament in Halifax this April.