Winnipeg – code orange

We are aware of Winnipeg being upgraded (or downgraded, depending on how you view it) to Code Orange. We are working with Gyms to cancel the space for the duration of this new lockdown.

For the time being, you can assume all games that are scheduled to happen during the Code Orange to be postponed. Should this last only a few weeks, we will do our best to add on to the end of the season and hopefully finish before Christmas.

Should it last longer than 4 weeks, there will be a partial or entire cancellation of the season, and proportional refunds will follow at that time. For the time being, though, we made allowances in the schedule for at least 3 weeks of lockdown – which was communicated in advance of the season. We were prepared for such an eventuality, which is why we booked 12 weeks of Gym Space.

Stay safe, be responsible, we’ll be back to having fun once this outbreak is under control!

Update September 25 2020: with the government announcing indoor sports are still okay to proceed with the same restrictions as before today, we have reached out to captains to determine how teams feel about when and how we return to play.

Sunday September 27th will still be cancelled regardless of the survey results, as we always strive to give at least 72 hours notice before scheduling/rescheduling a game.

Update 2 September 26 2020: Here is a document from the Manitoba Government detailing the current restrictions. The passage concerning athletic activities is near the end of the document.