Games are back on!

After clarifying the new restrictions, and how they affect (or do not affect) indoor sports, we reached out to players. Overwhelmingly the teams have indicated they wish to return to play, so we have the following news:

Games at sport for life, Dakota fieldhouse, and East Elwmood CC are scheduled to happen again. We are awaiting a reply from Sinclair Park – since we are committed to providing 72 hours notice that a game is upcoming, the games scheduled for Wednesday September 30th will be postponed.

The schedule will be updated later today to reflect this development.

We did hear from numerous teams concerns about covid protocols, distancing, and masks. We will need buy in from everyone if we want to keep the season from shutting down again, and this means voluntarily following protocols and going above and beyond with respect to hygiene, physical interactions, and respect. We ask that everyone do their best, and remind their own teammates that this is not a return to normal and to abide by restrictions voluntarily rather than waiting for them to be enforced. We also would encourage players to at least try wearing a mask while playing, to see how it feels and if it is something you are capable of doing.

The Dodgeball community has always been touted for being respectful and progressive and we truly believe that if we all pull together we can improve our hygienic measures beyond simply what is mandated.

We extended our gratitude to the teams who responded, and our thanks to the gyms for clear quick communications. We will see you all this week!