Month: March 2021

Register for an upcoming drop-in!

With drop-ins limited to 10 participants, in order to keep things as fair as possible we will take registrations via a form. Spots will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis.Β Your spot is not reserved until you have completed payment. The information on this form can and will be shared with the appropriate authorities for contact tracing purposes only, and only if the need arises for contact tracing. By completing this form you are also consenting to be contacted for the purposes of contact tracing should there be an exposure potentially linked to someone at this event. Please fill out the form individually for each person who is attending, however you may send a single payment for more than one person, just please mention who the payment is for if you are e-transferring.

Please keep in mind that while competition is currently not allowed (per the public health order), drop-ins will be run more like a practice than in prior years where it was just games all night. There will be warm ups, cool downs, skills and drills, conditioning, stretches, as well as some for-fun scrimmaging. This is the perfect opportunity to safely return to play and to build up your fitness level while we wait for competition to be allowed again.

The form will appear here when registration for the next drop in opens up.