Month: July 2019

Newbie night is August 11th!

While the competitive players are off in Saskatchewan for Westerns, we will be running two sessions to introduce new players to the sport. We hope that you take this opportunity to learn the sport, or if you already play with us, bring your friends who have been interested in trying it! There will be room for 36 players per session, with two sessions: 4:00pm and 6:30pm August 11th 2019

There is no entrance fee for brand new players.

Existing players who wish to play must bring a new player in order to play. We will not accept cash for this event.

Check out the event on facebook or on our website for more details!

Fine print:

1.There will be a limit of one existing player per new player. 2. In order to qualify as a “new player” you must have never been listed on the roster of any team in Dodgeball Winnipeg. We reserve the right to check your name in our player database to confirm.

Sunday and Thursday schedule decisions

We have reached a conclusion on Sunday and Thursday schedules

Recreational teams (bronze and silver) will be completely unaffected by Westerns and play their games as normal on August 8th and 11th

Competitive teams will play as normal on Thursday August 8th

Sunday Competitive teams (Draft, Platinum, Gold) will not play on August 11th and will instead have their regularly scheduled games on August 18th and 25th.

On August 11th we will be running a special event in our empty gym space to encourage new players to try the sport. The entrance fee will be one player who has never played in Dodgeball Winnipeg. We will not accept cash for this event, the entrance requirement will be that you are a new player, or if you are not, that you brought one. We will allow maximum of one existing player per new player that attends.

If you know anyone looking to try the sport, come out for one of the 2 sessions – 4:00-6:00pm or 6:30-8:30pm on August 11th at Dakota Field house!

Congratulations to the Spring Season Champions

Sunday Champs:

Draft: Dragon Ballz S15

Platinum: Threat Level Midnight

Gold: Charley’s Angels

Silver: Bombsquad

Bronze: Dodgey Style


Thursday Champs:

Men’s: Heatwave

Women’s: Honey Badgers

Platinum: Velocity

Gold: T’aint My Balls

Silver: Reservoir Dodgers

Bronze: Toon Squad


Wednesday Champs

Silver: Throwbocops

Bronze: Not Fast Just Furious


Tuesday Champs:

Platinum: Ain’t Nothing but a D Thang

Silver: Vicious N Delicious


Monday Champs:

Dodgy Style


Tournament this Thursday!

We have a tournament coming up this Thursday. Registration is done individually, teams will be made using the draft format.


Tournament info:

It’s July 4th so dress up in your favourite flag regalia – prizes will be given for the best outfit(s) and voted on by the players.

6:30-10:30pm July 4th at Dakota Field House

We have 4 courts for 4 hours to run a draft tournament! In your standard draft tournament style – 1v1 to determine captains (participation in the 1v1 is mandatory) then players are drafted and we play a round robin to determine seed for playoffs.

Cost is $30 per player. Free to anyone who purchased the Summer event season pass.

Registration can be completed by sending to or through our web store:

Event season pass can be purchased here:

The draft has been completed!

The draft has been done – find your team by checking this spreadsheet.

We are going to begin work on the Draft schedule immediately, followed by the Sunday Schedule. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays will follow with Thursdays being completed last as Thursdays do not start until July 18th.