Month: June 2018

Registration is closed and we have 2 slots we need to fill:

Registration is closed and we are looking for the following:

A team to play Tuesday Gold
A team to play Wednesday Silver (or Bronze, if necessary)

First come first served, we will extend the early bird price of $495 to the team AND refund the captain’s portion of the registration fee once the roster is submitted (in the form the payment was received).

Need men for men’s competitive!

We have a team that needs a few more men for the men’s competitive division Thursday nights. Cost is $58.33/player. Please email if you would like to join!

4 days left to register!

There are 4 days left to register for summer season! We have room on every night in every division, but registration is only open until 11:59pm on June 29th so please sign up ASAP before the rush!

Draft Audit is complete!

Draft Audit is complete, all 64 players are now available to be seen on our website:

Captains are being reached out to today by Nathanael Randolph Gatza, and will have 24 hours to accept their captaincy. We will have an announcement on 7 confirmed captains, and the 8th will be decided at the Chris Glass Memorial Cup (if Dragon Ballz wins, Nathanael will remain a captain, if they do not win, then the 8th ranked returning player will be captain #8).

Thank you everyone, with the conversion to open-court format this summer draft should be even more exciting this season!

Still space in all divisions!

Now that draft is full, we are getting a lot of questions asking if there is space left in other divisions.

The answer is yes! Every division has space, if you are looking to sign up for summer please do so ASAP so we can get you in. Waiting until the deadline is a risky game, so please sign up as soon as you know you’re going to be playing. This way we can guarantee you your spot on the night you prefer.

Refer a friend for draft!

Flash sale!

From now until June 11th, refer a friend to sign up for draft (have them put your email address in the “how did you hear about dodgeball winnipeg” box of their registration form), and the friend will get a 10% refund after draft registration closes and you will get a Dodgeball Winnipeg gift card for the same amount! Refer multiple friends and get yourself a big gift card!

*For customers paying by e-transfer, the full amount is required to be submitted, we will not accept payment with the 10% already removed. Refunds will be issued after registration closes and we verify their referral.

Fine Print: Promotion is valid for all registrations paid for from June 7th until 11:59pm June 11th. Not valid for any registrations where the registrant does not list a referring email address in the “how did you hear about dodgeball winnipeg” box. Offer is not retroactive, and no raincheques will be issued. Registrant must have their payment submitted before 11:59pm June 11th. Gift cards will be issued in the form of a single-use coupon code for the online store, and will be distributed after draft registration is closed. 10% refund will be 10% off the total pre-tax price and issued in the form of the payment received. Payment must be submitted in full, and a refund will be issued after Draft League reaches 64 registrants.

Room in tonight’s drop-in!

Come on down to Sinclair Park CC tonight 8:00pm, we have room in our drop-in! $10 to play for 2 hours. We are still running our promotion where the first time is free for people who have never played in Dodgeball Winnipeg before. Come on down and enjoy some dodgeball during the crummy weather we’re having!