Draft Registration

Depending on the number of teams, games will split between East Elmwood CC and Norberry Glenlee, 4-6pm. You will play primarily at one gym but some teams may have an “away game” at the other gym, depending on numbers.

Registration is $66.95 during early bird, $71.95 after early bird, and the form is at the bottom of the page. Please note that this season each team is expected to provide the stat keeping for the hour in which they are not playing.  This was the option the community chose to address the need for stat keepers. This means you will need to be available for 2 hours some Sundays, not just during the hour you play.

Each week, the players who kept stats will be entered into a draw for free shwag! This can be shirts, water bottles, wristbands, gift cards, etc. At the end of the season, everyone who kept stats at least five times will be entered into a draw for a 50% discount on draft registration, and the player(s) who kept the stats the most times (5x minimum) will also win a red Dodgeball Winnipeg hoodie! If there is a tie, both players will receive hoodies.

You will be guaranteed 7 season games and 2 playoff games. We play 4-6pm Sundays (With the only exception being if we have a 12 team division, in which case it will be 3-6pm, 3:30-6:30pm, or 4-7pm Sunday). If you win your division, you will receive medals. On the tenth week, the teams that won their respective divisions will play in the championship match for the Chris Glass Memorial Cup (there will be no other draft games on this day so everyone can come watch).

Our draft league is a division where all players sign up individually. We keep track of players’ stats and the top-ranked returning players from the previous season get to choose their team this season in a snake-style draft. Due to the nature of dividing the players up draft-style, the teams are generally pretty even in terms of skill, which means most games are close and the competition is high. Draft is by far the best place to develop into a better player since you are never guaranteed to win or lose.

Teams are 8 players each, with an absolute maximum of 128 players (we will never exceed 16 teams). In seasons where we do not have the maximum of 128 players, spots will be sold in chunks of 16 in order to keep team numbers equal (so if 98 players sign up, we will have 12 teams of 8 and refund the last 2 players to sign up, or if 113 sign up, we would have 14 teams of 8 and refund the last person to sign up).

Meet new people each season, have fun, keep track of your progress, and play dodgeball the way it was meant to be played.

After you submit your form, you will be redirected to a page with instructions to pay. You will also receive an email with a link to the page, so please check your junk mail folder in case it gets caught in your spam filter.

Do not fill out this form unless you intend to submit payment immediately afterYour spot is not reserved until you complete payment.

Draft registration will open to the public February 19th at 12:00 noon, please check back then!