Month: May 2018

Drop-ins are getting close to being done

Drop-ins are close to being done for the season, come on down this Thursday 8-10pm at Sinclair Park CC. Just $10 for 2 hours of play, free for first timers! This Thursday is already 1/3 booked up, so reserve your spot today by sending $10 to, or if you’re a first-timer simply email us with your name to reserve your spot.

Play through the rain!

Thunderstorm special! In addition to our regular promotion (all first timers get in free) we are going to do a Buy-one-get-one special for players who have played in the drop-in before. Tonight only. $10 gets you two spots in tonight’s drop-in, 8:00-10:00pm at Sinclair Park CC.

Registration is open!

We have finished our consultations with the dodgeball community, and registration is now open for all divisions (except draft which opens to the public May 28th)

  1. Team league will be as normal, with back walls, and no changes to cost, rules, or format. Bronze and Silver is available Sunday-Thursday nights, Gold will be available Sundays and Tuesdays
  2. Open-court night (also known as net night) will be Thursday nights, with the following divisions: Men’s Competitive, Mixed Competitive, Mixed intermediate, and Women’s.
  3. With Men’s Competitive, Mixed Competitive, and Mixed intermediate, teams will be registered by the captain for the cost of $525/team ($575 after early bird ends)
  4. Women’s division will have players register individually for $59.90 per player during early bird ($69.90 after early bird), and a committee of women will decide how the teams are divided. After the first season, the women who participated will be consulted with again and vote on how they want to see teams divided in future seasons (the vote will determine if teams are registered, or players register individually and if they will be organized by an impartial panel or by a draft).
  5. All team league teamsΒ AND mixed competitive/intermediate will follow the same gender minimum: 2 females on the court at all times, 1 female required to start a round. (If only 1 female in attendance, team will play short).

We need your feedback on Gender minimums in the new open-court divisions

In consulting with women, we have found that women would prefer to register as individuals for the women‘s division and have teams split up either by a draft or in another way (to be determined once we have our female decision-makers in place to take the lead on the women’s division). This leaves us with one problem:

Women’s teams that want to register and play open court format together on Thursdays are left out.

We’d like your feedback on the gender minimums in the mixed divisions we are planning to offer in this format.

Draft is moving forward and upgrading

This Summer, our draft league will take place from 4-6pm Sundays at Dakota Fieldhouse (except July 15th which is 3-5pm), in the open-court format we have been discussing so much.

This means it’s still the same draft league, but there will be no back walls. Instead, there will be a curtain behind the court which stops the balls from rolling back. Dodging becomes more valuable, ball control becomes less of a concern, and you get to play dodgeball in its purest form. Cross-court shots are no longer a bad idea, they’re actually quite valuable in this format!

We look forward to showing you all why this play style is so popular internationally – it’s just so much more exciting to play and to watch!

Lots of room at tonight’s drop-in!

Come play up to 2 hours of dodgeball with other adults in a low-pressure environment with a focus on fun! $10 per session, but if you have never played with Dodgeball Winnipeg before, your first drop-in is free. 8:00-10:00pm at Sinclair Park Community Center.

No experience or skill necessary, simply bring a pair of clean indoor-only shoes with non-marking soles. Kneepads recommended but not required!

Drop-ins are a fun way to learn the game with a dedicated DW employee there to teach and guide you through the rules and nuances of the game. Come by yourself or in a group!

To reserve your spot in advance, please send $10 by e-transfer to or purchase through our webstore If it’s your first time, simply email to reserve your spot. Cash in person is also accepted.