Registration is open!

We have finished our consultations with the dodgeball community, and registration is now open for all divisions (except draft which opens to the public May 28th)

  1. Team league will be as normal, with back walls, and no changes to cost, rules, or format. Bronze and Silver is available Sunday-Thursday nights, Gold will be available Sundays and Tuesdays
  2. Open-court night (also known as net night) will be Thursday nights, with the following divisions: Men’s Competitive, Mixed Competitive, Mixed intermediate, and Women’s.
  3. With Men’s Competitive, Mixed Competitive, and Mixed intermediate, teams will be registered by the captain for the cost of $525/team ($575 after early bird ends)
  4. Women’s division will have players register individually for $59.90 per player during early bird ($69.90 after early bird), and a committee of women will decide how the teams are divided. After the first season, the women who participated will be consulted with again and vote on how they want to see teams divided in future seasons (the vote will determine if teams are registered, or players register individually and if they will be organized by an impartial panel or by a draft).
  5. All team league teamsย AND mixed competitive/intermediate will follow the same gender minimum: 2 females on the court at all times, 1 female required to start a round. (If only 1 female in attendance, team will play short).