Month: January 2022

A Message from Dodgeball Winnipeg

By now, most of you have probably heard the news that Dodgeball Winnipeg is now under the ownership of Colton Bertrand and Jordan Ferris. We both started playing in Dodgeball Winnipeg in 2016 and 2017 and our passion for the sport is something that has grown ever since. We have both made a countless number of friendships throughout these last few years all thanks to this sport and as a result have really grown to value the community surrounding dodgeball. We couldn’t be more excited to continue building on the amazing foundation that was laid by Stacy Huen, founder of Dodgeball Winnipeg, and look forward to growing the sport and its community at both the competitive and recreational levels.

We would like to sincerely thank Stacy for everything he has done for the sport of dodgeball in our city and beyond. Stacy was at the forefront of legitimizing the sport in Manitoba and fostered an incredible community that has resulted in many relationships that have reached further than just dodgeball. We are incredibly grateful to be given the opportunity to continue building on this path you paved. Stacy, thank you for everything you have done for the sport and the community. 

Cheers to the future of dodgeball. See you all on the court.

Winter Season Set to Begin January 27th

Thank you to everybody for your patience regarding the delays in the start of the 2022 Winter Season. At this point, the schedules are finalized, and the intention is to proceed beginning January 27th. Just as a reminder, here are the start dates (or see Important Dates page for more details).

Thursday, Jan 27
Sunday, Jan 30
Tuesday, Feb 1
Wednesday, Feb 2

Two weeks ago, we ran a survey among captains to measure the temperature of our community regarding starting the season. When we ran the survey, the significant majority of teams wanted to proceed to play. Now that another two weeks has passed, we are hopeful that number has gone up even further. At this point, we are unable to delay the season further without sacrificing games and seeing as such a significant majority wanted to proceed as of two weeks ago, we won’t be cutting games from the schedule at this point barring any further restrictions from the province.

Communication has come down from the community centres that mask rules will be stricter in the sense that if you are not participating actively in the game – you must be masked, even if you are in the gym space. This applies to ball retrievers, refs, stat keepers and spectators. Spectators will be discouraged but are allowed. We ask that everybody look out for each other to work together to reduce the risk of spread during games. This includes reducing spectators when capable at the team level, and working with our referees to help them enforce headshot and sanitization rules.

Captains, if you still have concerns about fielding a team on these start dates, please email and we will be in touch.

Thank you as always for your patience and understanding. We look forward to seeing everyone return to play. 

Start of Winter 2022 Season Delayed to January 27th

First off, we would like to thank the community for the feedback that has been provided over the past couple of days (both via survey and direct emails to us). After consideration of this feedback, it is clear that a large segment of the community is not comfortable playing at this point in time. In addition, since originally issuing the survey, we have had gym partners announce that they are not going to be operating over the next 2 weeks. As a result, we will be pushing the season back until Thursday, January 27th. This is the latest that we can postpone the season without starting to cut games from the schedule, however as of right now, we are still looking at a full 9 game season (check the Important Dates page for game dates). Start dates for each division will be as follows:

Thursday, Jan 27
Sunday, Jan 30
Tuesday, Feb 1
Wednesday, Feb 2

The schedule will be amended over the next couple of weeks to reflect the new game dates. Any further changes to the season/schedule will be communicated closer to the season start date, if applicable.

Your continued patience and understanding is very much appreciated!

Captain Survey for Winter 2022

With Covid cases continuing to climb, we are monitoring the situation carefully and hoping that we will see cases peak some time in the near future followed by a rapid drop similar to what has been seen in other parts of the world. We are exploring our options are far as how to proceed and are looking to gauge the temperature of the community in terms of a return to play. In the spirit of transparency these are some of the scenarios we are looking at moving forward:

  • Return to play as scheduled (first games starting Tuesday, January 18th)
  • Push the season back again to Thursday, January 27. With the space we have available, this is the latest we could start before we are forced to start cancelling games.

As a result, we are asking captains to canvass their teams and complete this brief survey to determine if teams are looking to start playing or if they are still uncomfortable returning to play at this time. Please note that this survey is only to be completed by captains. We are asking that captains respond to this survey by Monday, January 10th at noon.

The survey is now closed.

Publishing Schedules

As the schedules begin to be published, please keep in mind that they are not final and are subject to change. This post will be updated once the schedules are final.

Thank you for your patience and co-operation.