Winter Season Set to Begin January 27th

Thank you to everybody for your patience regarding the delays in the start of the 2022 Winter Season. At this point, the schedules are finalized, and the intention is to proceed beginning January 27th. Just as a reminder, here are the start dates (or see Important Dates page for more details).

Thursday, Jan 27
Sunday, Jan 30
Tuesday, Feb 1
Wednesday, Feb 2

Two weeks ago, we ran a survey among captains to measure the temperature of our community regarding starting the season. When we ran the survey, the significant majority of teams wanted to proceed to play. Now that another two weeks has passed, we are hopeful that number has gone up even further. At this point, we are unable to delay the season further without sacrificing games and seeing as such a significant majority wanted to proceed as of two weeks ago, we won’t be cutting games from the schedule at this point barring any further restrictions from the province.

Communication has come down from the community centres that mask rules will be stricter in the sense that if you are not participating actively in the game – you must be masked, even if you are in the gym space. This applies to ball retrievers, refs, stat keepers and spectators. Spectators will be discouraged but are allowed. We ask that everybody look out for each other to work together to reduce the risk of spread during games. This includes reducing spectators when capable at the team level, and working with our referees to help them enforce headshot and sanitization rules.

Captains, if you still have concerns about fielding a team on these start dates, please email and we will be in touch.

Thank you as always for your patience and understanding. We look forward to seeing everyone return to play.Β