Divisions and Styles

Divison definitions:

Bronze: For beginners interested in recreational play. Played 6v6 with a 2-female minimum.

Silver: For teams with some athletic ability or experience playing dodgeball, but not interested in competitive play. Played 6v6 with a 2-female minimum.

Gold: Entry-level competitive play. For teams looking to play competitively, but that may not want to/be able to play against the top-level teams. Played 6v6 with a 2-female minimum.

Platinum: For strong competitive teams. Played 6v6 with a 2-female minimum.

Men’s: A competitive division played 6v6 with no female players allowed.

Women’s: A competitive dicision played 6v6, and only players identifying as female will be allowed.

Draft: A competitive division done draft-style to encourage fair teams and tough competition. No gender minimums.

Any team that wins 6 or more games in their division will be required to play in a higher division the next season, if one is available.

Draft League:

Any player caught deliberately using a fake name and/or misleading photo to attempt to manipulate where they are picked will be ejected and receive a subsequent ban from the following season.

Draft league will run 9 games each season – 7 regular games and 2 playoff games for every team. Draft slots will be sold in batches of 16 to a maximum of of 128 (16 teams of 8).

There are no gender minimums in draft, but all players are required to sit out equally.

The main point of the draft league is to have fun and meet new people, after the season is completed teams will be redistributed based on the results from the previous season, in a snake-style draft. The top returning players will become the new team captains and get to choose their team’s name, as well as participate in the process of drafting players to their team!

When we have more than 10 teams, divisions will be created by taking the odd-ranked captains into one division and the even-ranked captains into the other. The top 4 teams of each division will play to win their division and medals. After the divisions have their winners, the champions will play against each other in the tenth week. First place will win the Chris Glass Memorial Cup and gold medals, second place will receive gold medals only.

Wall Ball style:

Some gymnasiums have walls along one or more of the boundaries. The style of play that arises from when a gym has a wall along the rear boundary is commonly referred to as “Wall Ball”. These gyms will naturally have some differences to the way the game is played compared to open-court gyms. Wall ball will observe the following rules to facilitate the style of play:

  1. The size of the court may vary depending on the size of the facility
  2. Players can re-enter from any place along the sideline but are encouraged to enter near the back wall
  3. Touching the wall is acceptable and will not count as touching out of bounds

Open-court style:

Some gymnasiums have walls along one or more of the boundaries, and some gymnasiums will not. The gymnasiums that do not and/or have a net/curtain behind the rear boundary will naturally have some differences to the way the game is played. This style is referred to as “open-court” as the court is not closed in by walls. Open-court will observe the following rules to facilitate the style of play:

  1. There will be boundaries on all sides, to make the courts regulation size (women’s divisions will have women’s lines)
  2. Any ball that rolls back to your side after bouncing off a rear boundary (wall, curtain, etc) is to be given back to the other team
  3. Ball retrievers are very important. Any person that is not a live player is permitted to retrieve balls, and teams are discouraged from arriving without ball retrievers. Any team that arrives without a ball retriever will just have to deal with balls on their side (but out of bounds) counting towards burden to throw. Please be courteous of everyone’s experience and arrange for at least 1 ball retriever to come to your games. 2 is a much better number, and 3 is the ideal number of retrievers for a game.