Month: March 2019

Congratulations to our division champions!

Congratulations to the teams that won their divisions this season!

Sunova Sundays:

Gold: Divide by 2 Plus Seven

Silver: Pop Lock and Dodge it

Silver: Ballz II Men

Bronze: Dodgey Style


Dodgy Style


Gold: Odin’s Bastards

Silver: Quit Grabbin’ My Balls


Silver: DD3

Bronze: Throwbocops


Men’s: Heatwave

Women’s: Ricotta Throw

Silver: 7 Deadly Sins

Bronze/Silver: OKCU

We will be in touch as soon as we have confirmation on the date for our Winter windup and that is where your team will collect their beer and medals. Thank you to everyone for your participation and we hope to see you back in Spring season!

3v3 registration is now open!

Due to popular demand from our survey, we have examined the possibility of opening up 3v3 competitive play. We looked at the space available on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Dakota Fieldhouse and determined that there will be room for 3v3 play on those nights. Sign up today!

3v3 Registration

Looking for one more Sunday Platinum team!

In order to round out division numbers we need at least 1 more team for Sunday Platinum, as we already have 5 teams but that causes a lot of double headers we don’t necessarily have space for. If you have a team considering playing, or believe you could put one together please email and we will reimburse you your portion of the team’s registration fee. Thank you!

We still have room!

With just under 2 weeks of registration left, we are on pace to have a fairly large Spring season – but we also have lots of space due to the increased capacity of the gymnasiums that we have rented. Sign up today to make sure you reserve your team’s spot for the Spring season!