Month: January 2017

Registration is now open!

As we approach the middle of the season, it is time to start thinking about next season!

Things that will stay the same:

  1. Spring league starts April 2nd and will run 10 weeks just like Winter league did.
  2. The cost will remain the same, $495 for a team and $60 for draft during early bird (February 6th to February 28th)
  3. Current draft members will have 15 days to reserve their spot before the remaining spots open to the public
  4. We will offer team league games Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays


Things that have changed:

  1. A new e-mail address will be created for payments –
  2. We have a lot more gym space reserved
  3. Due to lack of interest, individual player registrations have been discontinued (click here for details)
  4. The update to the WDBF rulebook has restricted rosters to 12 players
  5. We will return to the normal style of submitting a registration form then payment so we can avoid the issue of teams sending payments but then sitting on their registration form for days/weeks and then being unable to play on the day they prefer
  6. Your registration form will not be accepted until your payment is completed
  7. We will not make exceptions for early bird pricing. You have a full month to register and pay on time, we suggest you get your team together for a windup/drinks and collect the fees from them during the month of February so you can get in before early bird ends
  8. Currently we only allow one free roster change. For this season we will allow a second roster change for $50 before game 5
  9. We will only allow one team per day to reserve a time slot for $75, so register early!

Unclaimed Calendars

We still have a few Men of Dodgeball calendars that have not been picked up.

Please contact us asap at so we can arrange pickup or delivery of your calendar. Thank you!

Schedule Changes

Now that we have the gym situation sorted, we have made the necessary updates to the schedule.

Make sure you check your schedules as Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays have been edited between January 30 and February 20 to accommodate the renovations at East Elmwood. Game times and gyms have changed so make sure you check the location as well as the time.

Sunday schedules will begin rolling out today for the 29th and the rest of the season will follow shortly after.

We just want to say thank you so much to everyone for being understanding during this situation. It has been messy and difficult for us to provide the same level of service you have come to expect from our league while also dealing with the sudden change in plans. We appreciate your support of the league and look forward to future seasons when Elmwood has a dividing curtain, sound system, and proper sports floor (no more concrete tile).

These dang drop-ins keep filling up!

Have you tried to come out to a drop-in only to find out it’s full? All hyped to play dodgeball but then have to find a different outlet for your energy?

It is frustrating, and we feel for you, we really do. The sport is exploding right now, we went from 64 members to 578 in our first year. We never had an issue with drop-ins filling up during the season before (off-season ones are a different story). We listened to your concerns, and have come up with a solution.

Tuesday drop-ins will now have pre-registration available (click here), and we have raised the price of registering in-person to encourage people to register online in advance.

The rules surrounding it are as follows:

  1. We will only sell 18 spots to half-gym drop-ins and 36 to full-gym
  2. For Tuesday drop-ins, registration will open 6 days in advance (on the Wednesday prior)
  3. Your payment is your reservation – requesting to reserve your spot online but pay in person will not be accepted
  4. Online registration will be only $7
  5. Pre-registration will close by 5:00pm on the day of the drop-in
  6. The name of all participants will be listed on the facebook event for each drop-in
  7. If you did not pre-register, the cost will be $10
  8. This is first-come-first-serve, so register online as soon as you’re sure you want to go!

What’s up with Sunday schedules?

If you are wondering why Sunday schedules are being released one week at a time, here’s why:

Our main gym (East Elmwood Community Center) got some exciting news from the city – from January 30 – February 20 they will be closed for renovations while they get a dividing curtain, sound system, and proper sports flooring (with dodgeball lines) installed.

We currently book EECC 15 hours per week (for a total of 30 games out of the 40 that take place each week). We have been able to get gyms to cover Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays (Wednesdays are unaffected).

We also have covered most of the time we need on Sundays, however still have a defecit of 2 hours February 5 and 3 hours February 12 that need to be filled.

Until we have time locked down in a suitable facility, we are unable to release the schedule as we need to keep our options open for which games can go where. Once we have secured those final bits of gym time we will release the rest of the season’s schedule.

This Sunday (January 15) is up in its entirety, and we will always make sure you have your schedule at least 72 hours prior to the game. The weekday changes will be made to the schedule and captains notified accordingly.


Thank you!

Calendars have arrived!

If you placed an order for “The Men of Dodgeball” calendar, your order has arrived. If you still want to pick up a calendar or two, we have some available to purchase still.

Winnipeg wins the bid for 2018 Nationals

Dodgeball Canada has awarded Winnipeg the national tournament for 2018. The tournament will take place in April next year.

Think you have what it takes to play at that level? Join the 2017 provincial tournament being held here in Winnipeg this February for a chance to play in the 2017 National tournament in Halifax this April.

Schedules are almost complete!

We have completed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Draft schedules. The first week of Thursday and Sunday schedules are being released today, with the rest to come throughout this week.


Thanks and see you all soon!