What’s up with Sunday schedules?

If you are wondering why Sunday schedules are being released one week at a time, here’s why:

Our main gym (East Elmwood Community Center) got some exciting news from the city – from January 30 – February 20 they will be closed for renovations while they get a dividing curtain, sound system, and proper sports flooring (with dodgeball lines) installed.

We currently book EECC 15 hours per week (for a total of 30 games out of the 40 that take place each week). We have been able to get gyms to cover Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays (Wednesdays are unaffected).

We also have covered most of the time we need on Sundays, however still have a defecit of 2 hours February 5 and 3 hours February 12 that need to be filled.

Until we have time locked down in a suitable facility, we are unable to release the schedule as we need to keep our options open for which games can go where. Once we have secured those final bits of gym time we will release the rest of the season’s schedule.

This Sunday (January 15) is up in its entirety, and we will always make sure you have your schedule at least 72 hours prior to the game. The weekday changes will be made to the schedule and captains notified accordingly.


Thank you!