These dang drop-ins keep filling up!

Have you tried to come out to a drop-in only to find out it’s full? All hyped to play dodgeball but then have to find a different outlet for your energy?

It is frustrating, and we feel for you, we really do. The sport is exploding right now, we went from 64 members to 578 in our first year. We never had an issue with drop-ins filling up during the season before (off-season ones are a different story). We listened to your concerns, and have come up with a solution.

Tuesday drop-ins will now have pre-registration available (click here), and we have raised the price of registering in-person to encourage people to register online in advance.

The rules surrounding it are as follows:

  1. We will only sell 18 spots to half-gym drop-ins and 36 to full-gym
  2. For Tuesday drop-ins, registration will open 6 days in advance (on the Wednesday prior)
  3. Your payment is your reservation – requesting to reserve your spot online but pay in person will not be accepted
  4. Online registration will be only $7
  5. Pre-registration will close by 5:00pm on the day of the drop-in
  6. The name of all participants will be listed on the facebook event for each drop-in
  7. If you did not pre-register, the cost will be $10
  8. This is first-come-first-serve, so register online as soon as you’re sure you want to go!