Month: November 2017

Registration is open and filling up at a nice pace!

Registration has been open for a few days now. This is just a reminder to current draft participants that you received an e-mail from us about signing up for draft before it opens to the public. This may be in your spam folder. In Gmail, the spam folder is hidden on the left hand side, under “more” on your toolbar. Once you click more, the spam folder will show up. Please then mark us as “not spam”.

Registration for Winter opens soon

Just a reminder we open registration Monday November 20th in the afternoon.

Prices will be very much the same as previous seasons, as part of our commitment to keep the sport affordable and accessible.

Teams will be the same $495 early bird/$545 late registration, draft will be $66.95/player to accommodate better prizes for stat keepers, and premier will be $595 early bird/$645 late once again, but is moving to Glenwood CC for the winter season.

Draft and Premier league will be open to current registrants for 2 weeks then open to the public December 4th.

Time slots will be sold one per night on a first-come-first-serve basis and sell out VERY quickly. This season you will need to have your team paid for before we will sell you a time slot, so if you want to reserve a time slot your team needs to be registered and paid for. For this reason, time slot reservation will be done through a link in the registration email instead of through the website.

Early bird ends December 7th at 11:59pm

The season starts after New Year’s and each division will get 9 games over the course of the season, with no games on holidays.

All these dates (and more) can be found on our important dates page.

Concerned about your shoes going missing? Please read this

We have had reports of 3 pairs of shoes going missing over the past couple weeks so in working with East Elmwood Community Centre we have come up with the following solutions:

  1. Best solution: Bring a grocery bag with you and after you remove your shoes put them in that bag and take them with you into the gym and keep them in your gym bag
  2. Next best solution: We are bringing a boot mat (4′ x 6′) that will be stored at the gymnasium and kept in between the courts. You can leave your shoes on there HOWEVER you cannot allow them to get the floor wet while transporting them which means you still need to carry them into and out of the gym, preferably in a bag of some sort (such as solution #1).

We do not have time/resources to mop the floors as each person drips onto them (unfortunate side effect of winter) and the moment we find a wet shoeprint on the gym floor we will lose the privilege of having the boot mat in the gym. We do not own the space and cannot lock the doors as it’s a public place so we hope everyone does their due diligence in keeping the place clean and dry.

Blowing out the last of our kneepads

While we try to find a new supplier for a more reasonable price (with more reliable stock), we are going to be selling off our Asics Sliders at a discount. $30 (instead of $35) for a pair of black unisex (one size fits most) Asics sliders kneepads. We will have them in person at Norberry 4-6 and Greendell 6:30-8:30 Sunday November 12th.

Draft score audit

We went over the draft scores and fixed the following:

Nathanael Gatza: 60 β€”> 59

Riel Willmott: 37.5 β€”> 38.5

Stephanie Reid: 20.5 β€”> 22.5

Mia Douchant: 12 β€”> 28


We will leave these scores up for today and enter the scores from November 5th tomorrow to give everyone a chance to see where they actually place now that the scores are corrected.