Month: April 2022

Thursday Schedule

Due to gymnasium limitations, the Thursday schedule may change over the next few days in order to accommodate the women’s double header at Dakota at a different date. Please expect the April 28 games to be swapped with another week to ensure the 9:15 gym space is available to us at Dakota.

Thursday Schedule Update

We have updated the Thursday schedule to include the cancelled games from this week.

Women’s division: all cancelled games were moved to April 28th at Dakota Fieldhouse (so all 4 teams will have double headers that evening). As a result, the season will still conclude as scheduled on June 2nd.

Men’s Division: all cancelled games were moved to May 26th. As a result, the season will now conclude one week later on June 9th.

Thank you for your anticipated understanding and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Thursday Storm Update

Due to the blizzard, Thursday games for this week have been cancelled. Due to the more complex scheduling for our Thursday divisions, we will be assessing how we will be proceeding over the weekend. Stay tuned for any further schedule updates for Thursdays. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Stay safe and stay warm!

Wednesday Storm Update

Due to the blizzard, Wednesday games have been cancelled and will be re-scheduled. Please stay tuned for further updates regarding Thursday.

The schedule will be updated to reflect the rescheduling within the next few days.
Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Potential Storm Update

Winnipeg forecasters are anticipating what could be a historic and significant blizzard hitting the city beginning late Tuesday night & Wednesday morning. We are staying in close contact with our gym partners and monitoring the situation. Once the situation develops further, we will be able to make better decisions regarding Wednesday and Thursday.

Stay Tuned for more updates.
By this point of the day, (3:45PM Tuesday April 12) we are confident Tuesday games will proceed as normal.

As of now, (3:45PM Tuesday April 12)
Tuesday: Games on
Wednesday: Games on
Thursday: Games on

Spring 2022 Rules Update

Please note that we have updated some of the rules on our Rules page. The new changes are all indicated bolded red font.

Additionally, for the Thursday Men’s and Women’s divisions, please note that for games taking place at EECC this season, we only have 50 minute slots per game. This means that there will be no break in between halves and we will also need to make every effort possible to start games within 5 minutes of their scheduled start times (if not right on time) to ensure we don’t run behind. Please ensure that your team arrives ready to play at your scheduled game time.