Month: June 2017

Spring registration closes at midnight!

June 29th 11:59pm is the final moment to register your team – don’t miss out on Spring season! We have over 50 teams registered currently, looks like we’ll have 60 for the summer. This will be one of the biggest summers for dodgeball in Winnipeg ever (even before our league started).

Don’t miss out, register now!

Spring is almost over!

Mondays are done, Tuesdays are done, Wednesdays are done tomorrow, Sundays are done this week, Thursday bronze/silver is done this Thursday, and Thursday gold finishes up next week.

It has been a crazy Spring – it was our biggest season by far, and boy did we ever learn a lot! Here are some things to expect in future:

  • Future seasons will only be 9 weeks since it allows for divisions to have 4, 6, 7, or 8 teams. 10 week seasons do not fit 7 team divisions well at all.
  • Sundays we generally have 50%+ of the league playing, and we believe we have found a way to schedule that many teams/refs 3 months in advance, so expect this summer to have all the schedules out before the season starts
  • We will be running drop-ins throughout the summer but they will taper down in the cold months and only happen when we have spare gym time
  • We are looking for space to run a no-wall premier league in the Fall
  • We will very likely be on Osborne for Canada Day running a drop-in cage match
  • We are trying to find a way to run an event with water balloons instead of balls


The winter windup is tonight!

This will be our third and final post about the windup, which is tonight (June 16th) at Movado’s Polo Park. Starts at 8:00, the winning teams will collect their medals and beer, and everyone is welcome to drinks and karaoke. Even if your team didn’t win, even if you didn’t play last season, come on down to Movado’s and enjoy a night with the dodgeball community!

Summer team roster forms

Thanks to some very generous help from programmer/dodgeballer Randy Fyfe, we have sorted out the issue with gmail filtering our emails.

If you have paid for a team but not found a welcome/roster submission email in your inbox, and it is not in your spam, please email and we will send you the link manually.

Thank you!

Early bird

Our billing system upped the team price a day early, so we will be extending early bird until the end of day Monday June 12. The price will go up June 13th now.

Early bird ends tonight!

Final day for early bird is tonight, June 11th. Starting June 12th the price for Summer season will be $495/team, June 29th will be the final date to register a team at $495 so don’t miss out!

Tuesday winners!

A big ole congratulations to C U Next Tuesday for taking the Gold division on Tuesdays, and Greatest Hits for winning Bronze/Silver. Well done to both teams, see you next season!