Month: April 2018

We’ll be away from the email account from May 3-6

The staff that have access to our email will be away in Barrie, Ontario from May 3-6 for the national dodgeball festival. This means we will not see/answer any emails sent to us during that time.

We have dedicated a couple staff members to answering the facebook page, so if you wish to contact us please send us a message there. You can also use this link to go directly through messenger

Thank you and have a great time while the boss is out of town!

Expression of interest survey for those interested in open court format

Dodgeball Winnipeg is looking to bring the open court format (no back walls) into the league. We are looking at securing space on one night of the week so players can play in the same format they saw at provincials and nationals!
The rules are very similar, but instead of having a wall behind you there will be open space and/or a net. This makes for a more exciting game as “ball control” is less important, and players are more free to throw and counter. In addition, dodging becomes far more valuable.
Please fill out this survey if you are interested in playing the open court format. If you are not interested, don’t worry! Wall-ball (the way we play now) will still be available as normal. If you are not interested in open court format, do not fill out this survey. Thank you!

Drop-ins are back!

By request, we are opening up drop-ins Thursday nights at Sinclair Park Community Center. So long as these are successful, we will run them every Thursday for the duration of the Spring season in the empty half of SPCC that is not being used for league games.

For more details, check out the facebook event page.

Sunday schedules are complete!

With 29 teams playing across 4 divisions (plus the 12 teams/2 divisions of draft), Sunday schedules are a beast.

Luckily, we have tamed that beast. Sundays are up from now until June 3rd. The two playoff dates June 10th and June 17th will be booked after round robin is completed.

Please keep in mind that all games at East Elmwood take place on the hour (6:00/7:00/8:00/9:00) and Greendell games take place on the half hour (6:30/7:30/8:30/9:30) to reduce schedule conflicts as best as possible.

If you notice your team appears to be at the wrong gym (ie: 6:00 at Greendell, or 7:30 at EECC) please notify immediately and we will issue a correction.

Thanks again, and happy dodging!

Schedule updates

Thursdays are now complete! East Elmwood games will be on the half hour (6:30/7:30/8:30) and Sinclair Park games will be on the hour (8:00/9:00).

Sunday April 22nd is now complete, and the rest of Sundays will be completed over the course of today and tomorrow.

The first Thursday games are up!

Thursdays April 19th and 26th have been scheduled. More to come as we finish with the aftermath of nationals (teardown, delivering things back to Ontario, etc).

The remainder of Sunday schedules for the season will be completed Tuesday April 17th.

Thanks again for your patience with this season’s schedules – see you on Thursday!

We’re back!

Nationals is over, and we are back to work on schedules. Getting started on Thursday right away and will complete Sundays as soon as we can after. Thanks everyone for your patience as we put on the best national tournament this country has ever seen!

Attention captains

As of Spring 2018 and onwards, all captains must sign the attendance sheet to acknowledge the attendance of all their players and the score was recorded correctly. This is to be done at the end of the game, signing at the start is not acceptable.

Any sheet that a captain did not sign at the end will not be eligible to have the recorded attendance or score challenged, even if it was a clerical error during input to our website.

If the captain is absent, any other player on the roster can act as captain for the evening and sign the sheet.

Season start dates

Sunday April 8th is game 1 for Sundays. The Sunday schedule for April 8th is complete, but future dates have not been completed yet as we have shifted our focus to preparations for nationals

Monday April 9th is game 1 for Mondays, schedule is up for the entire season

Tuesday April 10th is game 1 for Tuesdays, schedule is up for the entire season

Wednesday April 11th is game 1 for Wednesdays, schedule is up for the entire season

Thursday April 19th is game 1 for Thursdays, as Thursday April 12th is the Dodgeball Canada annual general meeting and nationals begins (april 12-15). Schedules for Thursdays will be released by April 16th, thank you for your patience while we shift our focus to running a successful national tournament

First draft schedule is up

The first draft games are listed on our schedule page now! Please keep in mind that due to a schedule conflict, April 8th games will be at EECC and Sturgeon Heights CC. For the rest of the season they will be at EECC and Norberry. Please make sure you check the schedule so you know which gym you are at.