Month: February 2017

We want your name on our balls!

Are you looking for an inexpensive and effective way to advertise for the next year or two?

Dodgeball Winnipeg is looking for a sponsor to put their logo on our balls.

Your logo will be printed clear and visibly on the skin of 1000 balls for a cost of only $5000. We currently retire 12-15 balls per week, and play 40 weeks per year. This means you can easily expect exposure to our players for ~60 weeks of play (essentially the next 18 months), in addition to having your company featured prominently on our website as a major sponsor for as long as the balls remain in rotation.

Dodgeball winnipeg had 578 players in Winter 2017, and has been growing by 100 unique players per season since our inception in 2015. If you are seriously interested please contact and we can provide you with more insight into our analytics and demographics.

Thank you!


Here is an example of what a ball looks like with a logo printed on it:

Draft is now open to the public!

We have just opened up registration for our draft league to the public!

Check it out here:

What is draft? It’s a competitive division where we keep track of players’ hits, catches, and rounds won. The highest scoring players get to pick their own team the next season in a snake-style draft. This makes the teams more fair, since captains are always looking to pick the best players available to them. Scores are usually close, games are intense, and it is a great way to meet the people of the community.

We recommend draft to players who can already throw or catch really well, or have a decent amount of dodgeball experience. You can keep track of your progress by looking at your stats from one season to the next! It is a great way to develop as a player.

If you have never played a throwing sport such as baseball/softball/football, and have not played dodgeball, we recommend you play a season or two in our team leagues to get a feel for the game before joining draft.