Month: January 2024

Rule Reminder: Anti-Retaliation Policy

Encouraging and supporting officiating in our sport is pivotal. Without officials, the sport is nowhere near where it is today in Manitoba. Thank you to all officials who take time to help us grow and maintain the quality of the sport we are used to.


8.1.2) Anti-retaliation policy

While Dodgeball Winnipeg is primarily a sports league, it is also a rich and vibrant community of players who are passionate about the sport.ย  As a result, many of our officials are also community members. This can create difficulty when tensions are running high in the game, and it can be difficult to separate community members from the role they are performing as officials.

In order to reduce stress on community members who have taken on the role of officials, Dodgeball Winnipeg will not tolerate any sort of off-the-court retaliation of community members who are also officials. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Approaching officials after the game to debate decisions made during the game
  • Social media contact with officials questioning decisions made in their role as official
  • Harassment for decisions made while acting as an official, in person or online

If players have concerns about the performance or decisions made by an official, they should contact the league directly, not the official themselves. Individuals engaging in off-the-court retaliation against officials can, at the leagueโ€™s discretion, face penalties up to and including expulsion from the league. This policy is intended to protect community members that take on the challenge of officiating and maintain a fun and safe environment for everyone to engage in the sport.