Month: September 2015

Introducing a draft league for Winnipeg!

After high school, the choices for adults to play dodgeball in Winnipeg have been quite limited. A few amateur tournaments, one coed rec league, and that’s about it. Until now, you needed to know enough men and women to put together your own team and register. Dodgeball Winnipeg was founded to change all that.

Starting with the draft league in November, anyone over the age of 18 has the ability to sign up by themselves and play. Teams will be created from the pool of players who register, and the season will run for 8 games. The following season, teams will be made once again from the new pool of players, and players will be assigned to teams that balance out skill levels. Everyone is encouraged to come out after their games and spend some time together at a local restaurant or bar.

In 2016, there will be a co-ed league, men’s league and women’s league added, where people sign up a team of their own friends.

We will be using 7″ balls which are easier for everyone to throw, travel faster, and sting less than the 8″ balls people are used to seeing in Winnipeg. In addition, we will be using the WDBF rules which, after a few events, we have found encourage better game play, less arguments, and more fun since you do not need big hands to throw the balls well.