Month: December 2023

The drafts are completed!

For the first time we have a cloth division partnered with DBMB! (I apologize for the two formats of the team tables, It’s in the cloth rules their team names have to be in columns, and foam team names have to be in rows :D)

Lets goooo winter 2024!


Cloth Lookers Moister Than an Oyster: Into New Waters Kids Enjoy Cloth (KEC) Dragon ballz : A New Beginning
Kahleigh Greg Austin Nate G
Annie Mcintyre Jon the Enigma AJ Cripps Alec Chung
Anthony Melanson Jordan Hykaway Isabelle Chris Friesen
Ben Groening Kursten Moon Johndel T Eric McEwan
Drew Register Mirah Duarte Jordan Warwick Justin Tran
Owen Kemball Oliver A Nic Dorion Kyle “Tree Beard” Carriere
Stacy H Theo Devlin Tayler Yuel Steven Giron


Throwing for More Content Jordan Anseeuw Jordan Ferris Jordan Klann Chris Moises Craig Franceschetti Maxwell Volkart Luke Young
Banana snappers Owen Kemball Riel Willmott Gareth Williams Josh Bucher Ryan Gregoire Kahleigh Krochak Tracy Nauss-Laurie
Uncle Terry Terrence Sampson Ashley Bend Justin Tran Tayler Yuel Brian Gordon Jenna-Dee Sanche Erin Delichte
Seven Devlin Sins Theo Devlin Eric McEwan Dustin Pernitsky Ben Groening Drew Register Alec Chung Matt Abra
Dragon ballz S26 Nathanael Gatza Daniel Holzer Stefan Trudeau Jonathan Tsuchino Mitchell Vanstone Evan Hawkins Isabelle Forest
Timbits dodgeball Tim Delorme Nicole Mraovic Gregory Pacheco Nathan Thiessen Mirah Duarte Kyle Falk Abbey Cluett
Deep throwers are back baby Kyle Lavoie Marc Holzer Aaron Olivier-Job Wilbert Vivas Stacy Huen Rodelyn Aaron Jeff Schade
Noob Era Jesse Copet Taylor Boudreau Eric Comeau Sarah Bucher Grant Hirose Aaron Floresco Rex Masesar

Season Planning Begins!

Rosters are in! Stay tuned to the schedules, our draft, and the cloth draft updates!

Once the schedules are made, they are not final until we secure officiating for all of our games – and may be subject to change up to the week before games start.

Wednesday Finals Postponed

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, Sinclair park CC is unavailable Wednesday, Dec 6.

The Wednesday finals will be pushed back a week to December 13. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.