Month: September 2022

Fall 2022 Draft League Player Draft

The fall 2022 draft league player draft will take place tomorrow Thursday, September 22 at 8:00 pm.Β The draft board can be found here.

The captains and draft order for this season will be as follows:

Jonathan Tsuchino
Eric McEwan
Timothy Delorme
Riel Willmott
Aaron Olivier-Job
Shane Willim
Stefan Trudeau
Johndel Tameta

League Updates

Team league Schedules

  • Schedules are created and live on the website; please be mindful that they are still subject to change while officiating is sorted, and will be finalized shortly.

Wind up

  • Come join us to celebrate the summer season and say goodbye to the summer at our windup at Tavern Windsor Park!
    Click here to see the event!

Rule updates

  • The WDBF rulebook just had a recent significant update. Largely the game remains unchanged from our perspective. With some added clarity and elaborations to carding being the most notable. Our referees will help us all to navigate the differences should they arise. Please review at your leisure and reach out with any questions you may have. Click here for the Rulebook