Month: October 2019

Used dodgeballs are back in stock!

We have finished updating our inventory after receiving all the balls back from our referees from the Summer 2019 season.

We now have 10 boxes of 24 retired dodgeballs in stock. These balls typically have small tears or the foam has become soft and have quite a bit of life left in them, they are just no longer suitable for competitive play as we strive to make sure our equipment is always in good shape and is rotated out regularly.

Use coupon code “10off” to get $10 off a crate of retired balls. Get yourself a discount, or use the $10 off to cover the cost of local delivery ($10 to deliver within Winnipeg) and we’ll take them right to your door!

If you or your organization would like to purchase 3 or more boxes, please contact and we will discuss a rate for bulk purchase.

Crate of 24 Retired Balls



Remembrance day

A friendly reminder to everyone that remembrance day this year is November 11th. There will be no games on November 11th.

Sunday November 10thΒ is not a holiday and therefore games will still be run as normal.

The important dates page has had the Fall 2019 dates published since late 2018 and they have not changed. If you are ever curious about what dates the season runs, please make sure to check that page!

The dates for 2020 will be added to that page in the near future. Make sure to check it if you are ever wondering about what dates things will be run.

Have a great rest of your season!

October 27 Greendell games

Due to an error on our behalf, Greendell games are cancelled October 27 2019. This was no fault of the gym, they notified us in advance and we missed the email.

Captains have been sent an email with the remedy Dodgeball Winnipeg is offering and we would like to extend out sincerest apologies for the disappointment we are sure affected players experienced.

To make up the missed games, the Sunday schedules will be affected slightly. An email will be sent confirming the schedule is in its finalized form later tonight or at least early next week once we have figured out if any existing games need to be moved to accommodate.


Thanks again everyone, have a great season!

Menu has been reorganized

After consultations and studying what gets used most often, our menu has been reorganized to put the most in-demand items first and foremost.

We understand this may cause some inconvenience in the near future, but it should make the website easier to navigate for new players.

Thank you in advance for your understanding!

Thursday schedules completed

The Thursday schedules are now complete.

We will begin working on getting Sunday schedules done this weekend. As long as we do not run into any issues, we should be able to finish this season’s schedules this weekend.

Thank you everyone for your patience!

Thursday competitive timing

For those of you that missed/have forgotten our post about Thursday competitive in the Fall season, the timing is as follows:

Dakota Fieldhouse was only able to grant us 6:00-9:00pm, which gives us time for three 50 minute games provided we start at 6:30. This should be more than enough time to run games as there are two 20 minute halves, plus however long sudden death/overtime takes.

Teams that wish to warm up will need to arrive early. The gym will be open from 6:00-6:29 for warm up before the first game. Games will be starting at 6:30, 7:20, and 8:10. Players that wish to warm up are encouraged to arrive before their game’s scheduled start time. There is plenty of space outside the court to do warm up routines/stretches.

Teams will not be permitted to be warming up after the game’s scheduled start time, and there will be no break at half while teams switch sides. Forfeits will continue to be enforced at the regular 5 minutes-past-start time for any team that does not have 4 players and meet their minimum gender requirements (1 female in mixed divisions).

Thursday schedules are coming out tomorrow!

The following schedules have been completed: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursday Gold, Thursday Silver

We have completed Sundays October 6 and 20, with the rest to come soon.

We are currently working on Thursday Men’s and Women’s.


Your captain will be notified once the schedules are complete!

Schedules will be coming soon!

We are currently waiting for the draft to be completed – once that is done, we will begin work on Sunday schedules. Since most of our referees are also competitive players, we need to coordinate the reffing schedules around the game schedules.

Once we have that done, we will be able to start entering games. Expect your Sunday and Monday schedules to start appearing no later than Friday evening.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday schedules we have begun working on, and should be available shortly. Captains will be emailed when the schedules are complete.

Until the captains have received their email, the schedules on the website are not final.

Thank you, we look forward to a fun and exciting Fall season!