The Thursday schedule unfortunately remains under constant construction due to the nature of the world this season. While we strive to give schedules as far in advance as possible, please make sure you check your schedule multiple times as game times may change due to reffing/venue requirements. If a schedule changes more than 72 hours before a game, teams will not be notified via email. If the schedule changes less than 72 hours before a game teams will be notified via email. We are still waiting for a response on what times we will be allotted for November which is why the November schedule at Dakota is not complete yet.

Some games may not be on the schedule yet either. If your team is not scheduled for a game nor do you have a bye week indicated and it is less than 72 hours before your game, please contact to let us know.

Please enter your court from the top left, and exit to the bottom right.

Courts at Dakota are as follows: